27.5 carbon wheel vs 29 carbon wheel–which is better for what?

The origin of the 27.5 carbon wheel and 29 carbon wheel.

Not long ago, there was only one standard mountain bike wheel size: 26 inches. Then the 29 carbon wheel has introduced, and finally the 27.5 carbon wheel comes out. Although most companies are phasing out their 26-inch wheeled bicycles. Cyclists can still choose between bicycles with 27.5-inch or 29 carbon rims. Which is best for you? It depends on the situation that you use.

The advantages of the 29 carbon wheel.

29’’ carbon wheel, the slower accelerating wheel takes longer to reach speed. Which may give the bicycle a feeling of unresponsiveness. But when the larger carbon wheel reach the top speed. The will be more effective than the smaller carbon wheels with long distance riding. Because they require less effort to stay motivated.

The 29-inch wheels have a slightly smaller angle of attack than the 27.5-inch wheels. Which allows them to roll better and over any logs, tree roots, and rocks you encounter on the road. Many riders have more confidence in larger wheels.

If grip on smooth rocks and tree roots is the top priority, these 29’’ wheels have a larger contact area and may be your best choice. Many riders have a more stable feeling when riding with 29’’ carbon wheel.


27.5” carbon wheel advantages.

Smaller riders may not be suitable for bicycles with 29-inch carbon wheels. Because they cannot get enough standing clearance. Or because it is difficult to lower the cockpit of the bicycle enough to make them comfortable. Different bicycle companies have different theories about how short the rider’s height is. So it’s best to test bikes with two wheel sizes to see which is the best fit and rides the best.

The geometry of bicycles with 27.5-inch wheels usually allows them to better handle narrow, tortuous terrain. Due to the smaller size, the smaller wheels will turn and accelerate faster, making the bike feel more sensitive and easier to maneuver on the track. You can also have a look at our facebook website.

Because they are smaller and require fewer materials to manufacture, the 27.5-inch wheels are lighter. This means that for a given rim width, the overall weight of your bike will be lighter. Or you can ride a wider wheel on a 27.5-inch wheel than a 29-inch wheel of the same weight. This can make a 27.5-inch bicycle a better choice for people who like large tires.

The most important is 27.5 inch bike geometry leaves more room for greater suspension. Therefore, it makes them a favorite for the riders who likes to travel a lot.

Have a riding test is the most important.

Tall riders, who is over 6 feet tall may prefer the feel of a bicycle with 29-inch wheels. However, a bike with 27.5-inch wheels can also be a good fit for tall riders. So first determine your priorities related to acceleration, traction, angle of attack, and weight.

However, the best way to test your wheel size is the 27.5 and 29er carbon wheel demo bikes.

Have a test Riding as much as you can. Then to see which is the best one fit you best.


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