29 carbon rims

What is 29 carbon rims?

For the beginner, the stated Carbon MTB rims approximate diameter from tyre edge to tyre edge. The 29-inch carbon rims for mountain bikes is the same as the 700c standard for road bikes. However, 29-inch carbon rims on mountain bikes will be wider, stronger. And heavier than equivalent road bikes. It’s unlikely to find a 26-inch wheel and tire combination with an outer diameter. Which similar to the 29er. Some larger 650b/27.5-inch rims and tires may be close. But in fact, 29-inch carbon wheels are the largest standard mountain bike wheel size currently available.

Why choose 29 carbon rims?

When the ability to roll rocks on mountain, the 29 carbon rims is very important. The easiest way is to run hand-built 29 carbon rims. It would be better to use some super hard carbon fiber 29er wheels. These 29er carbon mountain bike wheels are specifically designed to increase the confidence, speed. As well as traction and stability of off-road riding. From lightweight hardtails to forest roads and endurance bikes, the 29 carbon rims is good for you. It is suitable for all riding styles and all types of terrain. Such as mountains, trails, wilderness, sand and gravel roads, etc.

Furthermore, the carbon mountain bike 29 carbon wheels have the characteristics of high rigidity and flexible walking. There is no need to choose a road when cycling. Whether you are roaming the streets or taking a leisurely stroll. 29 carbon fiber rims mountain bikes have great feedback. The riders can enjoy comfortable riding pleasure in various road environments. 29 mountain bikes generally have 18-speed, 21-speed, 24-speed and 27-speed. The transmission correct using can deal with complex road conditions and weather. For example flat roads, up and down slopes, dirt roads and headwinds. Customized 29 Carbon rims are faster and less labor-saving than ordinary bicycles.


The advantages of the manufacturer 29 carbon rims

Why some riders switch from standard 26ers carbon fiber rims to 29 carbon fiber rims? Besides, today there are more options: 29 carbon fiber rims, 27 carbon fiber rims, etc. What are the advantages of 29’’ carbon fiber rims compared with traditional wheels?
Obviously, they have a larger diameter compared to smaller tires. Moreover as the size increases, these wheels are easier to overcome obstacles such as sand ruts and sharp rocks. And the big wheels are perfect for descent. They smooth the rough trails that will make you wrinkle on the 26er. When the wheels are floating on rocky terrain, the increased confidence will motivate you to stay more relaxed. The big hoop provides the best traction in bends and loose climbs. Some riders pointed out that they have a longer seat time in the 29er. Once the speed is reached, the bicycle can maintain power well-maintaining power.
A typical 29er feels more stable than a normal 26-inch or 27.5-inch bicycle. This is partly because the longer wheelbase and longer rear end make room for larger wheels. Besides the bottom bracket is located under the wheel axle (called BB). Which compared to 26-inch and 27.5-inch wheeled bicycles. Although the 29er axles are about 1.5 inches higher than the 26inch bicycle wheel axles. But the number of the 27.5-inch wheels will be smaller. And the position between the 29 axles is still lower compared to the smaller wheel size. Therefore, the big wheeled itself has a higher center of gravity than the small wheeled vehicle. The 29er with a rider is actually more stable. Because the person’s weight is on one axis and below the wheel axis. Besides, the 29 carbon mtb rims can react quick as most 26’’ and 27.5’’ wheels. Chinese carbon rims.

Who are the 29 carbon rims for?

The 29 carbon rims will benefit many people, regardless of their abilities or preferences. For beginners, the extra grip, stability and smoothness will help them enter higher speeds. Moreover tougher terrain more easily. If you are an intermediate rider, you will experience the same benefits as a beginner. In addition, you can ride faster. This is also true for people with high-level skills.

Cross-country riders will enjoy a bike with a smoother ride, faster rolling speed. Besides, more control brought by the big hoop. The 29er XC type carbon rim is good choice for cross-country riding. People who ride trails, all-mountains, or endurance races will be able to ride faster. And then have stronger grip and braking capabilities. Their bikes feel smoother and faster than small hoop riders. For AM riding, consider the asymmetric 3mm 29 carbon hookless rim.
Downhill riders can be said to be the group that has recently benefited from wagon wheels. Because of the late adoption and slow development of this technology. They all claim that large-wheeled bicycles are smoother, faster, and easier to control. The wider 37mm carbon 29 rim is perfect for enduro and downhill riding.
However, if you ride tightly all day, make 180-degree turns. Or just insist on riding dirt jumps and pump tracks. Then you are unlikely to benefit from 29-inch carbon wheels.
The history of the 29 carbon rims:
After it started as a fringe sport in the 1970s, mountain biking quickly became popular around the world. In 1996, MTB was introduced to the Atlanta Olympic Games. Which has included men’s and women’s cross-country events.
At this stage, mountain biking is far less advanced than it is now. The 26-inch hardtail MTB is the norm. And it wasn’t until 1999 that Wilderness Trail Bikes produced the first real 29er.
French mountain biker Julien Absalon became one of the early mountain bike professionals in the early 2010. He had switched to 29-inch wheels on more challenging tracks. Which caused major news in the sport. Then the 29ers and 27.5 carbon rims now dominate all major competitions. Together with mountain bike events around the world.

The material of the 29 carbon rims:

The rims material is premium Toray T700 & T800 full carbon fiber. This has made the carbon rims light but in great strength. Besides, the carbon fiber MTB wheels have better characteristics and better performance than ordinary mountain bike wheels. Which is why it is more expensive than aluminum alloy mountain bike wheels. Besides carbon fiber has better strength and ductility. So, the carbon fiber mountain wheel set will become the mainstream wheel set in the future. And the XC carbon fiber wheel set will be lighter than the enduro wheel set. The main difference between MTB Enduro wheels, MTB Trail wheels and MTB XC wheels is the number of spokes. As well as rim weight. The riders can pick the one according to the riding scene.29-carbon-rims-manufaurer

The production process of the 29 carbon bike rims:

If you are a very passionate cyclist, then you must be curious about how carbon fiber bicycle rims made. Carbon fiber is the best material for making carbon bicycle rims and frames. Below, we will l introduce in detail the manufacturing process. From the prepreg carbon fiber sheet to make into the 29 carbon rims.
– The carbon rims 3D Drawing Design:

At the beginning of the development of bicycle rims, we need to determine which type of rim? Then is suitable for which terrain? And which bicycle is suitable for? What kind of tires is compatible, clincher, tubuless, tubular etc…
Our R&D team will start work according to the development form. After making 3D drawings, and simulate in the computer. When the 3D drawing is completed. We will make 3D printed samples to check the details. And optimize the cross section to make it aerodynamics.
– Cutting prepreg carbon fiber sheet:

First, cut the prepreg carbon fiber into different angles and shapes. These carbon fiber sheets will be preformed into a rim and laminated.
– Pre-forming then lay-up the carbon fiber rims
– Put the pre-formed rim into the rim mold to cure
– Curing the carbon bike rims
– Custom the spoke and valve holes drilling
– Quality Test

The 29 carbon fiber bicycle rims are 100% hand-built.Because the production process cannot be replaced by machines. From the raw material carbon fiber to the preformed carbon rim. And then put into the molding machine to solidify the production process. Each step requires the correct operation of workers.

The carbon fiber bicycle rims are 100% hand-built.Because the production process cannot be replaced by machines. From the raw material carbon fiber to the preformed carbon rim. And then put into the molding machine to solidify the production process. Each step requires the correct operation of workers.
If you want to know more details of the carbon rim production details, click here. carbon wheels procession blog.
The video production details carbon rim process video.
Therefore, after knowing the history of the mtb 29 carbon rims. As well as the production process and the material etc. Do you know how to order the right one fit for you. Below have some tips you should confirm before ordering the rims.

The types of 29inch carbon bicycle rims:

The mtb 29-inch carbon fiber rims have clincher and hookless tubeless ready types.
Now most riders use the hookless tubeless ready version. The tubeless rim design makes the rim a better tubeless tire setting and better sealing. And the hookless design has smoother sides and straight walls. This allows the tire to completely touch the rim wall! Compared with traditional hook rims, hookelss rims are more durable and impact resistant! In addition, the mtb 29 carbon rims have symmetric and asymmetrical. This unique offset profile balance the tension of the drive and non-drive spokes. Which create more durable mountain bike wheels. This asymmetric 3mm 29er mtb carbon rim is higly feedback.
The weight of the rim has many effects on how your bike feels on the track. Such as the handling, strength and comfort of your riding. “Cheap, light or Stiffness-choose two…”is still important to this day. Considering that there are many disciplines within the scope of mountain biking. Different riding styles will require wheels with different stiffness and weaknesses. For racers or riders who often go uphill, investing in light wheels will definitely make life easier. While endurance and downhill riders may benefit more from heavier and stronger wheelsets. No matter which way of riding you prefer, it must be noted that weight reduction is usually at the expense of overall strength and durability. Which is foolish to ignore on the trail.


The trend of 29 carbon rims is to be wider. Thereby improving comfort through greater tire air volume. This is consistent with more bigger tires. Which is able to drive at lower pressures. Then improving rollover ability, traction and control.
The rim width can be measured internally or externally, which may provide some confusing numbers. Traditionally, 17 mm is the popular inner width for mountain bike wheels. But due to increased tire stability, footprint and air volume. It has recently been seen to shift to wider rims. According to current standards, when measured internally, the narrow rim is less than 19 mm. The standard modern internal rim width is usually between 21-25 mm. And the wide rim is considered to be greater than 28 mm. Now the outer width has available from 30mm to 50mm. This has allow you to choose the rim that fits your choice of frame and the tires. So you can always find the best wheels you want.
Although closely related, the outer rim width will mainly affect the aerodynamic characteristics of the wheel. Then the inner rim width will affect the comfort, rolling efficiency or tire shape.[/s7upf_information][s7upf_information]Depth:
The rim depth affects the lateral strength of the wheel. Besides the handling of the bicycle. Unlike their cousins driving on the road, rim depth is not a tricky issue. As the aerodynamic advantages that deeper wheels may provide are less emphasised. Now most wheelset manufacturers have make the depth at 23.5-29mm., however, there are some manufacturers offer increased depths where the material used benefits the strength of a wheelset.

The 29 carbon rims on mountain bikes can really keep you moving. And it will have a considerable impact on the quality of your ride. It is certain that the power transmission system will push you forward. Also the frame will have a significant impact on the quality of riding. But the wheel is the first element of a mountain bike. which can feel and transform the changes in terrain and surface defects.
One of the most important characteristics of a high-quality 29 carbon rims is its role in turning your efforts on the pedals into track results. It is important to match the right wheels for your riding style. Then the terrain and preferred riding discipline. Having a reliable set of wheels can still provide a good level of performance.


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