38mm VS 50mm carbon wheel

Introduction of the 38mm vs 50mm carbon wheel.

38mm vs 50mm carbon wheel which one is better? There are some customers who want to know the advantages of the 38mm carbon wheel and 50mm carbon road wheel. If you are not familiar with the depth of the rim, put simply, it is the thickness of the rim. The shape is almost the same for 38mm and 50mm carbon tubular/clincher rims.

What is the difference between them?

First, the 38mm carbon fiber rims have used less material. So it is lighter and less expensive than the 50mm carbon bike rims. Then the 38mm carbon bicycle rim is more suitable for the people in areas with more climbing times and jumping times. The rim is less influence by the crosswinds.


The 50mm carbon bicycle rims are heavier, but it is stiffer and more stable than the 38mm carbon rims, so they can hold speed better. It is more better and suitable for people who often ride on flat ground. But the higher the rim depth, the weaker the crosswind protection.


There are many other factors can affect the quality of your riding. Such as the wheel stiffness, the number of the spoke, spoke tension, air pressure, weight and rider skills etc.

How to choose 38mm vs 50mm carbon wheel?

When choosing your aero wheelset, you need to look at your riding conditions. For people who live in areas with a lot of climbing, 38mm carbon fiber rims may be a better choice. Compared to a wheelset with 50mm depth, the wheels are lighter and feel more responsive. If your usual ride consists of straight roads and travel as much as possible, then 50mm carbon rims will be a better choice. The rims are stiffer and hold the speed better. Remember, 50mm rims are harder to handle in crosswinds. If the economic conditions allows, in professional racing , most riders will carry two wheels then observe the weather conditions of the day to decide which wheel to use.

Which is better for you?

First, you need to ask yourself why you want to upgrade your carbon wheel. It is to win the races or just to have more fun riding? If you play a lot of standards or races and this is the only wheelset you will be using, you need to consider wheelset availability. Again, keep in mind wind changes, tire changes, etc… in this case some people will go for the 38mm option as they are easier to manage and use in more conditions. This will give you value for money in the long run. On the other hand, you can also think about tactics in the game, are you doubling up on your strengths or balancing your weaknesses?

Are climbers using shallower wheels to hurt people on the climb, or are they using deeper wheels to make it even on the flatter sections. My personal take on this is simple, get a deeper disc wheel and go with aero. If you really want to be ready for anything on race day, you can buy a 50mm wheelset and get an extra 38mm front wheel. If it’s too windy or for any reason you don’t feel confident riding the 50mm, you can easily swap out the 38mm.


In summary, 38mm carbon rim and 50mm carbon rim each have their advantages. And it is difficult to say which one is better. We would recommend that you buy the right rim for your riding style. Of course, if you are on a budget, we recommend buying two rims, which can replace at any time.


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