Asymmetric carbon rim

What is asymmetric carbon rim?

The asymmetric carbon rim profile technology is not a recent technology, but this innovation has not widely used until now. Theoretically speaking, the asymmetry of the rim is nothing more than the displacement of its hole. Which the threaded nipples for the fixed spoke is inserted, located on the other side of the hub box. In practice, it translates to the balance of the inner angles of the wheel spokes.

How does the offset carbon rim feel?

Different spoke tensions, spoke angles and spoke lengths are used from the drive side to the non-drive side. And special wheels have developed for asymmetric rims to increase service life.

First, move the spoke holes to the left side of the rim. And the asymmetric design has improved the balance of the spoke tension on the wheel system. This means that the wheels are stronger and the spokes are less likely to pass through.

Second, the asymmetric rim reduces the depression and right-side spoke tension. Thereby transferring a lot of weight to the center of the wheel instead of the outside.

Therefore, the rim is lighter than the symmetrical rim.


What is the advantage of the offset carbon rim ?

  1. Better stress triangle/balance on both sides, which contributes to the durability of the components. Because the spokes are less likely to loosen.
  2. Increasing the axial tensile component of the drive side helps maintain the torque generated by the chainring and improve the lateral rigidity of the wheel.
  3. The edge of the hole area is less likely to break because such high stress is not required on the flywheel side.
  4. You can use fewer spokes to cross without affecting the performance of the wheel. Which will also lead to a reduction in the length of the spokes, thereby reducing the weight of the wheel.
  5. In most cases, the spokes on both sides of the wheel have the same length.Itis beneficial to the company and the end customer.
  6. An effective substitute for supercharged wheels or an excellent supplement to them.Sincethe purpose of supercharged wheels is to increase the inner angle of the spokes.

Should I choose asymmetrical rims or symmetrical rims?

If you can get lighter and stiff asymmetric rims, why not?

Then you can get a carbon asymmetric rims with proper tension, why don’t pick it?

After the asymmetric carbon wheel rim can increase wheel stiffness and reactivity, that would perfect.

Therefore, the rear carbon wheels have different spoke tensions, spoke angles, spoke lengths, as well as weights. And it loads applied from the driving side to the non-driving side. To make up for this difference and create more linear and symmetrical functions, we have developed special asymmetric rims that provide multiple benefits.

How to distinguish between the driving end and the non-driving end?

First, locate the larger and smaller surfaces with the spoke holes as the center. The front and rear wheels are different:

Front: The drive (non-disc) side is smaller surface, the non-drive (disc) side is the larger surface.

Rear: The drive (non-disc) side is the larger surface, the non-drive (disc) side is the smaller surface.

We have developed asymmetric profiles for mountain bicycle rims and road bicycle rims. Click here you can have a look at how does the carbon rim produce. Take a look and buy them!




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