Best carbon mtb wheel–from the lightest XC version to the strongest downhill mtb wheel


The importance of the best carbon mtb wheel.

The best carbon mtb wheel is the important modifications you can make to your mountain bike. Which results in better overall control and faster off-road speeds.

A new well performance wheelset will greatly improve the way of your bike reacts to different terrain and obstacles. The influence factors is the weight, strength, the width of the carbon rim. These variables are constantly changing according to the mountain biking discipline. This means you will usually find huge differences in weight and size throughout the range.

How to pick the best one.

In order to make it easier for you to choose the wheels that suit your needs, we divide the wheels into:

  • XC wheel
  • Trail  wheel
  • Enduro  wheel

The main different between the XC, Trail, Enduro wheel is the weight of the rim and the number of the spokes. The carbon enduro wheel have wider rims and higher number of spokes. So it has made them slightly heavier and stronger than the XC wheels.

The carbon fiber mtb wheels have better performance than the alloy mtb wheels. That is why the carbon mtb wheel than the alloy bike wheels. The carbon material has better stiffness and extensibility. Therefore, it can be seen that the carbon fiber mountain bike wheels will become the mainstream wheel in the future.

Choose the riding style.

Thinking about your favorite riding style, then divide into uphill and downhill. Which of these three categories attracts you the most? The XC type is suitable for riders mainly uphill and long distance. The trail carbon mtb wheel is for riders who divide their efforts equally between ascent and descent. The Enduro carbon rims is the riders who prepares for anything the terrain or weather might bring.


How to choose the carbon fiber mountain bike wheels from Huami Carbon.

There are some mountain wheels that are very suitable for the above three types of mountain bike enthusiasts. Lightweight riders can use lighter wheels. However, if you are 6 feet tall and weigh 180 pounds, use stronger wheels to ensure safety. They should be adjusted to your personal needs to achieve the perfect balance between weight and strength. Choosing the right  wheel set will make your life on the bike more enjoyable. In addition, it will improve your performance level.

The quality of the carbon fiber mtb wheels. 

An important factor affecting the quality of mountain bike wheels is the wheel components. Which has used in the wheel set, including the carbon rims, hubs, spokes, nipples, rims, etc.

The perfect mountain bike wheel requires high-quality wheel parts. Therefore, when we check whether mountain bike wheels are worth buying, we can consider which accessories the wheels use. If these accessories come from high-end brands, the quality of mountain bike wheels can generally be guaranteed. You can buy high-quality carbon fiber mountain bike wheels for under $1,000. And the quality of the carbon rims are really great. Many experienced riders use it well. So, if you want the custom carbon mtb wheel, pls contact us. Our Huami Carbon Team will give you a great  satisfation.

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