Carbon wheelset 700C

How to upgrade your carbon wheelset 700C?

When it comes to improve your bicycle performance, the carbon wheelset 700C near me is always your first consideration. Most experience riders and competitive racers know it. A good and high-quality  carbon wheelset 700C can even make entry-level bicycles lighter and faster. Besides helping them far exceed their weight class. If you can only upgrade part of the bike, the wheels is your first choice. A light and stiff wheel will make your bike feel like climbing a hill. Besides it help you easily maintain level speed and improve steering accuracy.

With more choices than ever before, find the right carbon wheelset 700c set to buy isn’t simple. Most bicycles on the market are equipped with entry-level or intermediate-level aluminum wheels. These wheels allow manufacturers to reduce costs, but at the expense of performance. They are heavier, less rigid, and rarely aerodynamic. In order to improve your riding experience, Carbon wheelset 700C supplier has reduced weight and increased stiffness. As well as improving tire support and aerodynamic. This guide explains how these characteristics affect the bike’s performance.

Why choose the carbon wheels 700C for carbon fiber material?

carbon fiber material

When upgrading wheels 700C, the rim material is the main consideration. And the two choices are carbon fiber or aluminum. Carbon wheelset 700C is a very light, hard and strong material. Carbon wheels are generally lighter and harder than similar aluminum wheels. This makes carbon fiber a popular choice for high-performance wheels. Many competitive riders and racers choose carbon fiber. Because the weight and stiffness can improve the acceleration and handling of the bicycle. Carbon wheelset 700C can also be made into higher-tech aerodynamic shapes. Which allows riders to seek advantages in roads, triathlons and time trials. carbon clincher wheel.

The carbon wheelset 700C are the best place to reduce weight on a bicycle. Because they are rotating weights. Increasing the rotating weight increases the inertia. Wheel inertia is important in riding. As the rider must step on the pedal to overcome it. And heavier wheels require more energy to accelerate.

Upgrading to lighter wheels will make the bike feel more agile and easier to keep up with speed. This is good for climbing and accelerating from a stop or from a slow bend. Most drivers will immediately feel the positive difference after switching to lighter wheels. Which is what most drivers are concerned about when comparing high-end carbon wheels 700C.

As mentioned earlier, carbon wheels are generally lighter than similar aluminum wheels. This makes carbon fiber the best choice for riders seeking a competitive advantage to improve climbing or acceleration capabilities. A good set of carbon fiber wheels 700C can shorten a few seconds in a long climbing.


Stiffer wheels help make the bike more responsive to rider input. Such as pedaling and steering. Upgrading to stiffer wheels allows the bike to accelerate faster. Together with steer more responsively. In addition, maintain lines more precisely through corners and bumps. Some racers prefer harder wheels. Because this sense of precision can improve confidence and control at high speeds.

The Chinese carbon wheels 700C are stiffer than similar aluminum wheels. Carbon is naturally harder than metals such as aluminum. And engineers can also manipulate the fabric direction and layering of fibers to increase stiffness. To solve this problem, the updated carbon wheelset 700C now prioritize riding quality and stiffness. Carbon fiber can be designed to be hard in some directions. But pliable in others. So the new wheels are designed to have higher vertical flexibility to provide comfort on rough terrain. While maintaining lateral rigidity to maintain carbon fiber’s Active steering and turning characteristics.

The width of the carbon rims 700C:

Wider tires have become more and more popular in all disciplines of bicycles. and modern rims have become wider to better pair with these tires. The width is usually measured as the “inner rim width”. This is the distance between the rim walls that support the tire.

Upgrade to a wider internal rim width to provide more support for the tire sidewall. This helps to improve cornering by reducing the tendency of the tire to roll on the rim. Wide rims can also provide extra support for the tire sidewalls at lower pressures than narrow rims. This support, combined with the larger overall tire volume of the wider tires, allows the rider to drive at a lower tire pressure.

Wider rims are ideal for off-road applications such as gravel and mountain bikes. Because wider tires increase support and reduce air pressure. Thereby improving overall traction and comfort. Wider rims can increase turning speed by helping the tire side knobs bite in. Besides preventing tire folding or hiccups under heavy turning loads. Road bicycle riders will also benefit from wider rims.

Wider carbon rims 700C may also be slightly heavier. Because they require more material than narrow rims. Choosing the rim width is usually a balancing act between proper tire support and the required weight.

Rim depth and aerodynamics:

At high speeds, air resistance is the maximum force the rider must overcome. This is why you see road riders selecting each other in groups and pace. And why competitive triathletes and time trial players are obsessed with making their gear and riding posture as aerodynamic as possible. The wheels contribute greatly to the overall aerodynamics of the bicycle. Upgrading to more aerodynamic wheels will help you save precious energy. In addition, speed up your riding. Generally speaking, this consideration is only important for road or time trial riders.

Good aerodynamics is to minimize the separation of air on the surface of the wheel. And keep the airflow for a longer time. The easiest way is to make the wheels deeper. By doing this, you can effectively make the holes in the rim smaller. Then the carbon wheelset 700C slide more smoothly in the air. Most triathlon and time trial riders put aerodynamics first. So usually use the deepest possible wheels. Some people choose solid “disc” rear wheels for better aerodynamics.

If you are riding at a slower speed, the aerodynamics does not matter. Most experts estimate that the critical point for aerodynamics is about 15 km/h (9.3 mph). Below this speed, there is wind resistance, but it is not very obvious. In addition, the extra weight of deeper carbon rims 700C may outweigh the aerodynamic advantage. Experts also said that climbs with a slope of more than 4.5% benefit lighter equipment. Rather than the aerodynamic gains from deep rims.

Under windy conditions, deep rims can also be impacted. If you are not a confident cyclist, the weird feel of 80mm aero rims may offset any potential advantages. The choice of rim depth is usually a balance between aerodynamics and weight. Riders riding steep and slow climbs will prefer lighter carbon wheelset 700C. But at a certain speed, as the climb becomes slower and faster, aerodynamics will begin to play a greater role. As a general rule, the faster you ride, the deeper you want the rims.


Material, Weight, stiffness, rim width, rim depth, aerodynamic etc. are the consider aspects for the wheels. Finding the right lightweight carbon wheelset 700C to buy is not always easy. We have compiled a list of our favorite road wheels. Which to help you find and buy the best road bike wheels that fit your budget.

What types of the road bike carbon wheels 700C?

But with hundreds of carbon bicycle wheel brands offering thousands of options. Buying new wheels can be a confusing task. Just as road bikes are increasingly designated based on their purpose (race, endurance, aerodynamics, gravel, etc.). Carbon wheelset 700C fall into a similar category.

Knowing what type of rider you are. And what you expect from the wheel upgrade will simplify.


  1. How to upgrade your carbon wheels?
  2. Why choose the carbon fiber material?
  3. The width of the rim:
  4. Rim depth and aerodynamics:
  6. What types of the road bike wheels?
  7. Climbing carbon wheels:
  8. Mid-section aerodynamic wheels:
  9. Deep-section aerodynamic wheels:
  10. Training carbon wheels:
  11. Therefore, how to customize the road carbon wheelset 700C?

Carbon wheelset 700C category:

  1. carbon clincher wheel
  2. carbon tubeless wheel
  3. carbon tubular wheel

Climbing carbon wheels 700C:

The weight is most easily felt when ascending. so wheels suitable for climbing are usually designed for low weight. Such wheels usually have a shallow profile rim and a low number of spokes.Another benefit of this wheel is the ride quality. Generally, the deeper the shape of the rim, the harder it is to drive. So the climbing wheels are usually more compliant.

If the wheelset is less than 1,500 grams, it can usually be classified as a climbing category. When there is no problem with the budget,a ultra-light climbing wheel would be perfect. For example, the weight should be between 900 grams and 1,300 grams.

Mid-section aerodynamic wheelset 700C:

Aerodynamic wheels are quickly becoming a popular choice for adding some free speed. And creating a “professional look”. Aerodynamic wheels usually have a deeper rim section. It is with a rim depth of approximately 35mm as a typical starting point. They are usually made of carbon. although alloys are also available, and most are designed for disc brakes.

In recent years, with improvements in aerodynamic design. These mid-depth carbon wheels 700C have been widely adopted. Unlike some deep-section models. They now provide a reasonable balance between lightweight, ride quality, and improved performance balance.

Deep-section aerodynamic wheelset 700C:

When speed is a priority, a deep section rim of 50mm or larger may pass through the air with less aerodynamic resistance. However, if riding in high crosswinds, the extra depth can cause problems. Besides it usually adds weight. That is why the medium depth carbon wheels 700C have become a popular compromise outside of time trials and fast sprint courses. Riders who use deep-air powered wheels for competitions. They usually have a set of training wheels for use outside the competition. Then can consider this 88mm carbon wheelset 700C.

Training carbon wheels 700C:

Although speed, low friction and low weight are priority considerations for racing wheels. Training or “everyday” wheels must be durable and able to withstand blows.

Due to the rim brakes, the rims of bicycles will wear out with the braking time. Especially when riding in winter, custom carbon wheels 700C for training can prolong the service life of racing wheels. Below is the details how to order custom-made, hand-made wheelset.

Therefore, how to custom the road carbon wheelset 700C?

Before customizing your carbon fiber wheels 700C, you need to understand the composition of carbon fiber wheels. Only by understanding the carbon fiber wheels can you know what wheels you need. When you want to customize your wheels, you need to contact us. We can help custom:

  • Bicycle hub

There are a variety of wheel options to choose, such as Novatec wheels, DT Swiss wheels.

  • Carbon fiber rim depth

It has different rim depth, such as 35mm, 40mm, 45mm, 50mm. You can choose between 20mm and80mm depth rims.

  • Choose rim brake or disc brake wheel
  • Select Freehub type

Need to choose the right type of freehub version. Which will affect the bicycle cassette. The free wheel hub transmits the driving force to the wheel. On the contrary, it rotates freely when the pedal is not stepped on. Freehub is not cheap to replace. So you need to determine which type of tape you plan to use in the future.

  • Custom your carbon wheels 700C logo

If your wheels need your own logo, you need to spend some money. It is best to choose non-standard wheels. Then customize some stiker that belongs to you only.

  • Choose the right type of spoke and nipples

We have spokes from major spoke manufacturers. You can choose like sapim, pillar spokes.

After confirming everything, you can now start customizing your wheels.

If you want to know more about custom carbon wheelset 700C. Pls click and read our custom carbon wheels.