Best Chinese carbon wheels-how good are they

Do you know what is advantage about the best Chinese carbon wheels? The weight of the wheel set determines the weight of the bike. And the weight of the wheelset is even heavier than the frame. To set a lightweight carbon fiber road bike. The first consideration should be the wheels. Moreover, carbon wheels weight and design are not only related to the weight. But also related to the efficiency and quality of riding.

The design and production of the best Chinese carbon wheels have been moving towards the lighter the better. Reducing the number of spokes and thickness (material and process). Reducing the air rotation on the spokes (aerodynamics). But still need to maintain the strength and stability of the wheels, some manufacturers are even thinking about connecting the rims and hubs with new technologies.

So which type of rim can have a smaller drag coefficient and lighter weight? Should the wind resistance or weight be the main consideration when choosing? Spokes, wheel frame (rim)?

carbon-wheels-weightThe effect of carbon wheels weight

The key to acceleration: quality allocation.

Experiments have proved that the more the weight of the wheel is concentrated on the hub, the faster the acceleration of the carbon wheels. Although lightweight is still the key to acceleration.

In addition to accelerating the reaction, the weight also affects the handling. The lighter the front wheel, the more unstable the handling. During the test, the rider can feel a strong driving carbon wheels group differences brought about by experience.

In addition to the wheels, a major factor affecting the weight of the wheels is the tires. The weight of the tire has a very large impact on acceleration. The counterweight of road wheels affects the acceleration. The more concentrated the hub, the better the acceleration. The weight of the tire will greatly affect the counterweight of the wheel.

The influence of wind resistance

The low drag coefficient determines the speed. When the speed is higher than 35km/h, the drag coefficient will be the only factor that determines the speed.

When there is no wind on a flat road, the wind resistance will determine the speed. Therefore, many manufacturers use special shaped spokes or greatly reduce the number of spokes.

When riding in the mountains, weight is king. The influence of weight is far greater than the distribution of wind resistance and mass. Even a small weight difference will result in a big difference in performance.

Side rigidity value and torsional rigidity

Side rigidity is related to spoke tension. The greater the spoke tension, the greater the bearing capacity of the carbon wheels. In corners and rough roads. The value of the side rigidity of the carbon wheels can be seen.

Torsional stiffness is loudest at the start

The key to torsional rigidity lies in the arrangement of the spokes. Not the tension of the spokes. The flanges on both sides of the hub can simultaneously transmit torsion.

The carbon wheels are more rigid when starting to accelerate. The more the torque is distributed to the spokes, the smaller the burden on the spokes. Therefore, the spokes should cross on both sides. And as far as possible from the hub to the rim, installed in a tangential radiation manner. The torque is most evenly distributed to the spokes on both sides, which is the focus of the design. Comfort and service life during riding.

Carbon wheels durability

Lightweight and durability are often a dilemma. Sometimes for the practical consideration of the carbon wheels (durability), weight is a necessary evil (the efficiency of the real wheel is the first consideration, and it is not necessarily suitable for general use).

Choose the carbon wheels suits you

Best Chinese carbon wheels are characterized by fast running (small wind resistance), long running (good quality distribution), high climbing (light weight), price, durability. And ease of use (tubular tires, clincher tires). For example, the 700C series of carbon fiber wheels include 30mm Carbon Wheels 700C Clincher Tubeless Wheelset, and the carbon fiber tube tires include Chinese Carbon Wheels 30mm Tubular Matte etc.

After browsing, you can find a best Chinese carbon wheels for you.

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