Bicycle carbon rims width-25mm and 30mm


Some bicycle carbon rims width are equipped with 25mm internal rims. And some have 30mm internal rims in 29er carbon rims…what is the right choice?

29er-carbon-rims27.5er and 29er carbon rims

As mountain bikers, many of us like numbers. From the beginning of the ride, suspension travel, extension distance, stacking, trajectory, club head angle, offset, BB drop, sag, rod width, rod length, dropper column drop. And of course 27.5 inches and 29 inches! Almost any trial version, forum or group chat is a mystery of numbers, and the width of the rim is no exception. For example, there is Light 29 Carbon Rims XC 30mm Width in the 29er carbon fiber rims. And Carbon Rims 88mm Tubular 700C 25mm Width.

The width of the inner rim. Or the distance from the inner edge of the rim to another inner edge, has attracted a lot of attention in the past few years. Since mountain bike rims were originally designed based on road rims. It is easy to see that we need to catch up with something suitable for running. After all, why use 2.1″ tires on a rim width designed for 19mm road tires? Even with such a tire width standard (more than ten years old), it doesn’t make sense.

The rim width continues to widen, and some popular choices are confirmed. Especially at 25mm, 30mm and 35mm. You can happily divide them into XC, gravity, and MTB/plus carbon fiber bikes. But this simplification is excessive.

Advantages of carbon rims width

The biggest benefit of increasing the rim width when matching with the correct tire is the ability to run under lower tire pressure without the tire creeping or tipping over. You can also have a slightly larger contact area for better grip, and some people say that the rolling resistance is lower because the tire no longer deviates from so many trail characteristics.

You will see that XC riders use 25 and 30 mm wide carbon fiber rims, and many gravity wheels are still below 30 mm, because the benefit of lower pressure is not always a huge benefit due to rim impact, so 27 -28 mm is very popular there. But generally speaking, most wheels are 25mm inside or 30mm inside.

It’s hard to think of anything completely decisive here. When you use 2.1-2.3″ tires. The 25 mm wide carbon fiber rims are the ideal standard. However, what we ride for XC, general off-road or marathon and stage competitions is changing. Many riders choose more aggressive Tires. And the new school XC bikes are more confident in more demanding terrain. This is where the wide wheels within 30mm fits. They will use 2.25″ tires, or similar tires, depending on the model of the other brand . But they will also support tire sizes similar to 2.4″. Many tires of this size still have a light and strong shell, so weight loss is minimal, but due to the larger contact area and use capacity, it provides more grip and slightly lower grip pressure.

Which width suits you

So for you, 30mm bicycle carbon rims width are a good choice. If you are considering a wheel upgrade and do not want to get old in a year or two, then you can consider 30 mm. Unless you are a master of free riding, wider may not be the right choice. But for off-road riding and all other events such as XC and Cape to Cape, 30 mm inner wide wheels may be the best choice. Just match them with the correct tires and take the time to adjust the pressure.

You can choose the width of the bicycle carbon fiber rim that suits you after entering the website and browsing.

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