Carbon bicycle-do you know the specific size


I believe every senior enthusiast of carbon fiber bicycles knows that the rim is an indispensable part of the bicycle, and the material, size, and quality are all very important. I often hear some commonly types, such as: carbon fiber rim 700C, 29er, 26er (650b), 27.5er.

Do you know their specific size and difference?

carbon-fiber-bicycle700c 26 inch 29 inch 27.5 inch (650B) in carbon fiber bicycle

29 inch, 700c, 26 inch,  27.5 inch refer to the diameter of the carbon rim + tire, not the diameter of the rim
700c carbon rim diameter 622mm (approximately 24.48 inches) 26 inch rim diameter 559mm (approximately 22 inches)

In the beginning, 700c meant that the wheel diameter (including tires) was 700mm (27.5 inches), but later the tires became thinner, so now the 700c plus road tires can’t reach 700mm, 23C as an example, it is 679mm.

As the name suggests, the diameter of the 29-inch wheel is 622 mm. 24.5 inches is the same as the 700C road bike wheelset. If you add different tires, the height range is about 724-740 mm, which is about 29 inches. Therefore, 29-inch enthusiasts may ask why they are not. 28 or 30 inches?

This is because the 29-inch mountain bicycle has great performance. The torque performance and the rotation range are among the best, creating a perfect yellow life ratio.

29er carbon fiber bicycle rims

On average. The outer diameter of the 29er mountain bike is about 724mm, plus the tire diameter is about 740mm. Usually the diameter of a 26-inch wheel is 559mm, plus the diameter of the tire is 665mm.

Besides, the birth of the 29-inch mountain bike is full of fascinating colors. It is still impossible to determine the manufacturer of the first 29-inch mountain bike. The reason why it was not very popular at first is because the weight of the frame increases and the rigidity of the frame is not increase. But with the advancement of technology, 29 inches have the opportunity to shine.

Recently, there is no event held for the 29-inch MTB in the world. The only special competition is selected according to the players’ personal preferences. SSWCISINGLE SPEED WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS) Many players use 29-inch bikes.

With the advancement of technology, 29er carbon fiber wheels are becoming more and more popular. In addition to his excellent performance and advantages.


Nowadays, the pros and cons of large-wheel mountain bikes are a hot topic in the mountain bike industry. Some people think that the performance of 29-inch carbon rims will be worse because of the increase in weight and the less flexible handling.

In additon, due to size issues, it is difficult for cyclists to find a suitable size (especially the front wheels, the overlap of the pedals and the wheels, and the excessively high seat height). But the 29-inch hobby thinks that the large wheels can reduce the sliding resistance, improve the stability of operation and improve the passability due to the larger wheels.


1. Large rims can improve passability because the contact angle is reduced.
2. The big rim is not easy to get stuck in sand and silt.
3. Increased contact area improves cornering ability and straight-line grip.
4. Because the wheel rim can improve the center of the vehicle, thereby improving the riding performance and better road trafficability.
5. And the carbon rims allows a taller person to have a better riding posture.

Of course, the 29er carbon rims series also has many types, such as: Lightweight 29 Carbon Rims Enduro 37mm Width 25mm Depth, 29 Carbon Rims MTB 33mm Width 25mm Depth XC Asymmetric Rim, and MTB 29 Carbon Rims 32mm Width 25mm Depth UD Matte etc. You can learn more about and choose carbon fiber bicycle later.

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