Carbon Disc Brake or Rims Brake?

Carbon rim brakes have been in the bicycle industry for a long time and are the choice of most riders around the world. However, nowadays, the use of carbon disc brakes in road bikes rims has become very popular. Compared to the traditional “old” trend of rim brakes. The latest road bike options follow this trend. More and more carbon disc brake road bikes are put on the market. Although carbon disc brakes have gained a lot of relevance. Carbon rim brakes are still the choice of money bike users. The significant difference between the two carbon rims is that the rim brake uses a cable system. The disc brake uses a hydraulic system. This article will detail all aspects of disc brakes. And why you should choose disc brakes instead of ring brakes for road bikes in any given situation.

carbon-disc-brakeTypes of carbon disc brakes

There are two known types of disc brakes in road bicycles. It is hydraulic and mechanical. The two have one thing in common, that is, they both have pistons, whose main function is to push the brake pads onto the rotor. However, the difference between these two types lies in the way the force is applied during braking. Mechanical disc brakes are not much different from rim brakes. This is because they rely on electrical cables to facilitate the braking process. On the other hand, hydraulic disc brakes rely on fluid to assist braking. Mechanical disc brakes are cheaper, but hydraulic disc brakes are better.

Better disc braking performance

Carbon rim disc brakes can enhance the braking performance of road bikes, mainly in wet and rainy weather. This is because the brake is protect from wet weather according to its position. It also helps to eliminate the particularly horrible sound heard when the caliper in the rim brake bicycle comes in contact with your bicycle rim. Carbon rim disc brakes can stop the bicycle with very little force. This is important because the rider does not have to strain the muscles, thereby reducing muscle fatigue. Another thing to note is that the mud will not affect the use of disc brakes in muddy terrain and during rainy season riding. These types of brakes are consistent, meaning that bad weather will not affect them, whether it is extremely humid or dry weather.

Carbon disc brakes have better and improved braking modulation. This means it is easier to brake and the rider can apply the power required for proper braking. It is also important to note that people can customize the disc brakes to ensure that the braking experience is better if not the best. Customization is done by increasing the diameter of the rotor. The bigger the wheel, the harder the brake. Powerful brakes can enhance the rider’s confidence. No matter what the terrain, it can run faster.

Space for wider tires

Compared to the 28mm carbon rim brake version, you can effortlessly fit and equip your bike with taller and wider tires, up to 32mm. Wider tires are important because they can ensure better traction and rider comfort. Larger and wider tires can absorb vibrations generated on rough roads. In this way, people can ride bicycles for a long time without feeling tired or uncomfortable. Wider tires help improve the handling, comfort, grip and control of the bicycle. In addition, the presence of wider tires also means that there is a wider and sufficient space to install the mudguard. It is very convenient in the rainy season and winter. Bikes with wider tires can surpass any terrain from flat to rugged. 30mm Hookless Carbon Rims 700C Disc Brake, 50mm Carbon Wheel Asymmetric Clincher 700C etc.


Carbon disc brakes are the future of road bikes. Compared with its shortcomings, there are many advantages associated with disc brakes. In addition, compared with carbon rim brakes, it has more advantages. More and more bicycle manufacturers and companies are following the trend of disc brakes to ensure the durability and efficiency of your bicycle. It also ensures comfort and reduces muscle tension. All in all, the disc brake will ensure your safety because it eliminates the risk of cutting into the wire due to improper adjustment of the brake pads. In addition, it allows you to fully control your bike.

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