Carbon fiber bicycle rims make difference


Why choose carbon fiber bicycle rims.

Recently, the weather is perfect for cycling. Do you often ride with your cyclists friends at weekend or go to a next town for short traveling. When you’re ready to try to get better for yourself or for competition, the carbon fiber bicycle rims are good choice for you. The carbon wheel will more comfortable and faster than alloy wheel. But the price will be higher.

However, the carbon rims are stronger and lasts longer. Compared with aluminum rims, many professional and amateur cyclist agree that the carbon fiber is faster, more responsive and better in every way.

carbon fiber bicycle rims are lighter

Carbon is better than alloy, first of all, carbon fiber material is lighter. Which make the carbon wheels lightweight. The lighter wheel, the faster you go or it may be easier for you to maintain a higher speed for a longer period of time. Besides, the lighter carbon wheels make for a more responsive start and easier handling while riding. Then making your ride more comfortable and controllable.

Carbon rims are more aerodynamic

The carbon fiber rims has constructed in a more aerodynamic way. Carbon fiber rims are made by first lacing carbon strips into an effective weight-supporting lattice pattern. And then heat-treating with a resin binder to form a hard carbon shape. Or add resin to a carbon composite and mold it into a shape similar to 3D printing with a hot steel mold or press. These processes make it easier to build unique aerodynamic shapes. Click here, you can find how the carbon rims make.


Carbon has provided a smoother, stiffer riding.

Now talking about the Flex. Flex is how much the rim moves from side to side on the horizontal axis. And how much the rim moves up and down on the vertical axis. While a properly tensioned wheel can support some fairly heavy bikes and riders. And it will still flex on these axles under normal riding conditions.

Primarily in cornering and full attack, the rider can produce some amazing power and torque. Turns and turns at speed cause side-to-side bends, while speed and uphill attacks cause up-and-down bends.

Furthermore, Carbon has reduces flex compared to aluminum while still absorbing road vibrations.

Riders who like Carbon.

Rider who want to seek to improve the performance, reduce the carbon bike weight etc. Then the carbon bike wheel is a good choice. The carbon rims seems to be more performance-oriented. Many riders says that the stiffer feeling of the carbon fiber is the most attractive benefit. Besides, the carbon wheels has good durability.

“I use carbon bike wheels on all my trail bikes.” one professional riders says, “ I find the rims are much lighter, stronger and more comfortable than the aluminum. Some beginners may not notice anything but weight. But the more advanced and in-tuned your bike is, the more you will appreciate the stiffness, Ride quality and durability.”

Final thoughts.

To sum up, the carbon rim is better over alloy for these reasons. Lighter, more aerodynamic and less flex. Even the aluminum is becoming more highly engineered.  If you are a amateur and want your bike more faster, the carbon bike wheel can help you do that.  Even you do not want to get faster, the carbon rims can make you much comfortable.


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