Mountain bike-why it is popular


Why do you want to ride a mountain bicycle?

Mountain bikes have become more and more popular. Especially carbon fiber mountain bikes. At the same time, many people are also puzzled. So why do you want to ride a mountain bicycle?

The connection between carbon mountain biking and nature

The more time people spend in undeveloped natural environments. The happier and healthier people will be. A lot of research shows. Spending time in a green space increases happiness, positive emotions and self-esteem. And there is a link between heart rate. Cholesterol and reduced stress hormones. Therefore, mountain bicycle can help us stay away from social media. Reduce the time spent on mobile phones. Increase outdoor sports and exercise. So carbon fiber bikes can also allow us to get close to nature. Live in harmony with nature.

carbon-fiber-bikeMountain biking brings happiness and experience

British scientists have proven. Mountain biking can maintain emotional balance. Not only can it help them reduce stress. It can also deal with negative thoughts and daily worries. And encourage them to build confidence.

Most people are familiar with the state of mobility or in the area. When your bike becomes an extension of you. And you are focusing on the ever-changing mountain road. Bikers will enter this state. Therefore, carbon fiber mountain bike can increase your confidence. Reduce your stress. And bring you a better experience and feelings.

Why are carbon rims becoming more and more popular?

MTB rims designed specifically for off-road use. In addition. They have the characteristics of high rigidity and flexible walking. Therefore, bikes are receiving more and more praise. Cyclists can enjoy comfortable riding pleasure in various road environments. Because better rims can cast mountain bikes with higher performance. So choosing the right rim will help your riding.

Our recommendation

MTB full carbon fiber rims have tubeless and hookless design. They have650B, 27.5er and 29er carbon fiber rims. There are a few different widths. So your choice depends on your needs.


Mountain biking combines adventure. Sports activities, overcoming obstacles, outdoor, shared peak experience and self-extension mountain biking. As a result, a very strong social connection is created. All strong linkers for group cohesion. With the advancement of mountain bicycle technology. The sport has become more inclusive and equal. This becomes obvious when you are on the road.

If you are interested in mountain biking. Consider a carbon fiber mountain bicycle.




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