Mountain bike rims-introduction to some details

Although you may already know some information about carbon fiber mountain bike rims. But some details may make it more different than you realize.

Which rim is right for you ultimately depends on your riding style and your personal riding style preferences. Carbon rims are lighter. Aluminum rims are stronger and can deal with inclement weather more effectively. Your riding style and the terrain you cross will be the biggest factors in choosing your rim style.

However, learn more about the uniqueness of carbon rims and its advantages and disadvantages. Can greatly help you to better choose the rim. Therefore, let us introduce carbon fiber mountain bike rims in more detail.


Carbon fiber mountain bike rims

As the name suggests, carbon fiber mountain bike rims are made of so-called carbon fiber. These fibers are then woven together in the same way as glass fibers. And use a lot of specific types of glue to shape it and maintain its proper shape after hardening.

When your rim is in better contact with the ground. The traction gained by your bike will be improved. Allows you to better control your mountain bike in rugged terrain where it is most likely to be needed. When you go uphill, the less weight you carry with you. The faster you can go.

This is at least partly because any weight will fight against you. And want to roll down the hill instead of climbing up. Therefore, the lighter the weight of you and your mountain bike. The smaller the weight you pull back.

Lighter rims will also result in lighter wheels. As a result, the overall weight of the mountain bike is lighter. As there are two wheels, you can save twice the weight. For example, our 29 carbon rims. 29 carbon rims is gradually becoming the mainstream of mountain biking.

Carbon fiber rims price

However, this also means replacing the two rims on mountain bikes. The price will double. Carbon fiber can be very expensive. Even buying a rim far exceeds the budget limit of most cyclists. It is this price tag that prevents more mountain bikers from switching. Although many people without carbon fiber rims do have this feature on their wish list for mountain bikes.

Finally, another alternative reason why more people choose carbon fiber is that they look great! This is partly due to their design. But the bigger part is because you can use almost any color to create them. This feature personalizes the appearance of your bike. Whether it’s by coloring the car with your favorite color. Or simply make your bike look more in line with your personality.

When choosing a carbon fiber rim, you should always check its braid level before buying. A rim with a good grade will cost more in most cases. But it will also be safer to ride.


In terms of rims, which route you choose to take is up to you. There is no doubt that each option has its own advantages and disadvantages. Your choice should be based on your unique style as a mountain biker and the way that suits you best.

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