Carbon Fiber Rim-A Complete Guide for Riders


You will see that both professional and amateur riders are equipped with high-end bicycle carbon fiber rims. Maybe you look at their rims enviously. Or you already own carbon fiber rims and just have questions or are considering upgrading. If you choose to upgrade the rim of your bike. This article will introduce the basic knowledge about rims.

Why are carbon rims so important?

The rim of a bicycle is probably the most important part of a bicycle. They keep spinning. It is the only point of contact with the ground when you are riding. Therefore, they have a great influence on your riding performance, safety and comfort.

What is carbon fiber?

Carbon fiber originated in the aerospace industry.It is made of fibers composed of carbon atoms. And it is then suspended in the resin to form a solid material. Carbon fibers have a diameter of about 5 to 10 microns and are mainly composed of carbon atoms. So carbon fiber has several advantages. Including low weight, high tensile strength, high temperature resistance and low thermal expansion, high stiffness, high chemical resistance.


Carbon fiber rims

When discussing bicycle wheelsets. The rim is usually the most concerned. This is because the rim is very obvious. And it has the greatest aerodynamic and weight impact on the performance of carbon fiber rims.

Rim shape

The rim has a parabolic shape. To maximize aerodynamic efficiency and crosswind stability.

Rim width

The width of most road and triathlon rims is between 19 mm and 28 mm. Until the late 2000s. People think that the narrowest rim is the fastest. Experts usually use narrow wheels and tires. Riders’ 21mm wide tires have been ubiquitous in major tournaments for many years. However, since 2010. A better understanding of the rolling resistance combined with aerodynamics has led to a trend towards wider rims and wider tires. The wider rim also brings more comfort. Because wider rims and tires allow the use of lower air pressure. For example, carbon fiber rim 700c.

Are carbon rims worth starting?

For most cyclists. Bicycle carbon fiber rims are a good solution. Benefits include higher speeds with lower power, lighter weight at the depth of the rim, better handling, less vibration. And more robustness for better power transmission and a more comfortable ride experience. There are many carbon fiber options available and reasonably priced. And it should be one of the earliest upgrades to bikes by cyclists. If you want to upgrade carbon fiber rims. 700c carbon fiber rims is a good choice.

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