Carbon fiber rims 29-advantage and type


What does 29 carbon rims mean

Many people have a certain understanding of carbon fiber rims. But they do not know enough about 29 inches carbon rims. Next, we will introduce 29-inch carbon fiber rims.

The 29″ (ISO size 622) is actually the same diameter as the 700C rim. Although most 29″ tires are not suitable for 700C road rims. Because they are too wide. The 29″ inch rims are very popular with mountain bikers. It is because of its unique advantages and types.[/s7upf_information][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][s7upf_advertisement image=”1466″][/s7upf_advertisement][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][s7upf_information]


The biggest advantage of 29-inch carbon fiber rims is fast and smooth. 29 inches is the largest rim size, has the largest range of advantages. And has many unique characteristics.

After continuous improvement. You will now see that when paired with the correct geometry and chassis. The 29-inch rims have amazing maneuverability. Obviously, larger rims can provide monster truck transport capacity. And ride more off-road roads with less power. The big wheels not only feel fast in a straight line. But can also sculpt lines on trails of any shape.

The reduced rolling resistance and larger footprint of the 29-inch rims provide advantages. And help the rider to ride effectively. Therefore, 29 inches is the obvious choice for those who want to maximize speed. But for novice riders who want more security when the terrain is unpredictable. 29 inches is also an good choice. Because it can provide a more stable support base.


Mountain bike 29-inch carbon fiber rims have tubeless and hookless bead types.

The tubeless carbon MTB rim design makes the rim a better tubeless tire setting and better sealing. In addition, it results in ultra-lightweight carbon fiber MTB rims.

Carbon fiber rims have smoother sides and straight walls without hooks. This allows the tire to completely touch the rim wall! Compared with traditional hook rims. Hook-free rims are more durable and impact resistant!

MTB 29er rims are divided into symmetrical and asymmetrical. In addition, the unique asymmetric profile balances the tension of the drive and non-drive side spokes. Then it created more durable mountain bike rims.

MTB full carbon fiber rims are available in different versions and depths! It has XC, trail, enduro, downhill, plus and other types. Therefore, the rider can choose the most suitable one according to his requirements!

In addition, MTB 29er rims are gradually becoming the mainstream of mountain bikes. Besides, many world-class drivers are using these “big wheels” to win race after race. Therefore, it is time for us to focus on 29-inch carbon fiber rims.[/s7upf_information][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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