Carbon fiber rims 700C vs 650B


Carbon fiber rim 700C and carbon fiber rim 650B have become two alternative sizes for gravel bicycle rims. What is the difference. And which size is right for you? Our article discusses the misunderstandings .And prejudices of rim size and the advantages and disadvantages of both.

carbon-rimsBefore carefully studying the advantages and disadvantages of 700C and 650B bicycle rims. We should first clarify the terms and standards. In the past, with the development of cycling and subsequent specialization. Many countries have defined their own rim size standards. As often happens, the result today is a chaotic mess of various sizes and type names. And although the sport continues to evolve. Some of them have been adopted without a doubt. Not surprisingly, we still rely on completely outdated standards that have little to do with current reality. Leaving unsuspecting cyclists struggling to understand all this.

Compared to mountain bicycle rim with thousands of settings and adjustments. Everything on a gravel bike boils down to the right tire selection. And the differences between options can be very big! Finally, in this article, we will not discuss the differences between rim sizes. But the differences between bicycle rim combinations.

When you need maximum grip and traction. The 650B bicycle rim has a great advantage, which can really help you accelerate faster. Due to design reasons, the 650B rim requires less pressure. Coupled with the increase in width, can provide a larger grounding area. The larger the contact area, the greater the traction produced by the tires. And the better the power transmission effect on rugged, wet or other challenging terrain.

Difference between carbon rims 700C and 650B

Compared to bicycles with 650B bicycle rims, the higher axles of 700C rims also ensure that the center of gravity of the rider and bicycle is lower relative to the axle, thus stabilizing handling.

The larger 700C bicycle rim is smaller in size, so its “stroke” is not as good as the larger capacity 650B bicycle rim, which is why it requires higher pressure to avoid damaging the rim or tire. When the 700C rim hits an obstacle, the 650B rim can better deform around it and maintain forward momentum. The rougher the surface, the more important the width and volume of the tire. Therefore, it is important to consider the type of terrain you will be riding to determine which bicycle rim is your best choice.

There are 30mm Carbon Tubular Rim 700C Road Bike 25mm Width and 38mm Carbon Clincher Rims 700C Road Bicycle Rim Lightweight etc in the 700C carbon fiber rims.

In the carbon fiber rims 650B, there are 650B Carbon Rim Hookless Tubeless Ready 32mm Width 25mm Depth XC Type, 650B Carbon XC Rim Hookless Tubeless Ready 30mm Width UD Matte etc.

Our factory’s Chinese carbon fiber rims are guaranteed. The product is guaranteed to be free of manufacturing defects within 3 years from the date of original purchase. You can make a choice bicycle rims after learning more about it.


If you are a gravel rider who actually spends most of the time on the road and occasionally ventures to flat trails, then 700c carbon fiber rims may be for you. Similarly, if you take your bike to rugged horse trails or mountain bike trails, high-capacity 650b carbon fiber rims may be more suitable for your needs.

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