Carbon bicycle rims wear degree and life


How to tell when your carbon bicycle rims are worn-and how to make them last longer.

It is well known that the carbon fiber bicycle rim is one of the most important parts of a bicycle. If you use rim brakes, your rims may wear out. That’s because every time you brake, whether your rims are aluminum or carbon. Will scrape a small amount of material on the brake pads. You are also scraping it off the surface of the rim.

If your rim wears too much, it will affect braking performance. This is far from ideal. And in extreme cases, you will face the risk of complete failure of the rim. Because there is not enough material in the rim wall to cope with the force exerted on the rim by the high-pressure tire.

But how do you know when your rims are worn out? We provide some important tips here. To help you find things that need attention.


Carbon fiber bicycle rims

What if you have carbon fiber rims? In general, check regularly for debris in the brake pads. And make sure to clean all surfaces regularly.

As for checking the rim wear. Need to check with your carbon fiber rim manufacturer. To understand their suggestions. Concave rims, like aluminum rims, are a clear sign of carbon fiber rim wear. Therefore, we need to check regularly.

But when the carbon fiber bicycle rim is worn, it is difficult to judge with the naked eye. You won’t find convenient wear indicators like aluminum rims. So you need to pay special attention to the carbon fiber surface.

Generally speaking, carbon fiber rims are cover with a special material on the brake tracks. To provide good braking performance, prevent heat accumulation and extend the service life of the rim. Under this top layer is the raw carbon fabric. If you frequently use carbon fiber rims, the structural layer is expose. Then it may be time to replace the rim. Sometimes the rim changes color in this area, or you can see through the top layer of carbon.

If your hand/finger strokes the brake surface and it feels rough or fibrous. This usually indicates that the resin has worn out. However, as mentioned above, this resin on the carbon brake track is very elastic. Of course, Carbon brake pads are a softer compound. This also helps to extend the service life. So far, we do not know that any of our carbon fiber wheels have completed their service life on the road.

You may also notice tremor during braking, which does not happen when the carbon fiber rim is brand new. This may be a sign of brake pad wear. It is a good time for a professional inspection of the rim.


Each carbon fiber bicycle rim brand recommends specific brake pads, and it is highly recommend to stick to this recommendation. Because the use of other carbon fiber specific brake pads may adversely affect the rim.

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