Carbon wheelset-what are the benefits


The benefits of carbon fiber bicycle wheelset are as follows: Reduce air resistance. Reduce pedaling force. Increase inertia to make pedaling smooth.

1: Reduce air resistance: Reduce wind resistance and reduce energy consumption. It has better wind breaking performance with the plate wheelset.

2: Reduce pedaling force: Usually when going uphill, reducing the overall weight of the carbon wheelset will help the most.

3: Increase inertia to make pedaling smoothly: The higher the relative rotation weight, the higher the inertia.


The inertia of the carbon wheelset

The inertia of the carbon wheelset depends on the relative rotating weight of the wheel. We metion that this value cannot measure directly. But the most important thing is the rim and tire weight. You can use a 5-10 kg weight to wrap around the hub with a 1 meter thread. Use the weight to fall to drive. In this method, the larger the relative rotation weight, the slower the acceleration. The maximum achievable speed is also low. The smaller the relative rotation weight, the faster the acceleration. The highest achievable speed is also higher. Relative to the rotating weight, the overall wheel weight is also heavier.

What is the use of the inertia of this carbon wheelset? In fact, this is equivalent to the battery on a bicycle.

When you reach the speed of 40km. Start sliding, the stored kinetic energy of the vehicle is (vehicle weight + weight) × speed square + wheel relative rotating weight × wheel speed square. If you don’t step on it all the time, these energy will be offset by resistance. The speed of the car also slowed down. The higher the stored energy, the farther you can glide. And the slower the vehicle speed will drop. Therefore, the higher the weight of the rider, the greater the relative rotational weight of the wheels, the more advantageous.


Carbon fiber wheelset will undoubtedly enhance the performance of any mountain bike. It has excellent starting acceleration, rigid and agile response, and fast response on a single track. Take a moment to decide what kind of rider you are and whether you would prefer a more comfortable and looser aluminum ride, or a harder and sometimes stiffer carbon fiber. It both improves the riding level. It also inspired the confidence to quickly enter the corner.

Upgrade according to your riding style and terrain until you are very satisfie with the carbon fiber wheelset. It is recommended that you find a demo kit to try out your own bicycle. This way you can understand the difference in experience and make sure before buying. And once you make a promise, you will be satisfied. Because you have a better understanding of carbon fiber bicycle wheelset. So that you will be more smoothly in the next ride.

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