Carbon fiber wheelset-advantages and options


Carbon fiber used in bicycle wheelsets

High-performance carbon fiber wheelset are very popular now. Like carbon wheelset 700C. It is the best choice for bicycle materials. now. The use of carbon fiber on the frame and rims is common. So. What are the benefits of using carbon fiber wheelset?

carbon-fiber-wheelsetAdvantages of manufacturing

Due to the plasticity of the material. Can made more complex wheelset. It helps to optimize the rim. For better performance. Reduce the weight. This allows designers to designs in their own way. Beautify the shape of the rim. Simplify the structure. There will be no limitation due to processing power. This provides the possibility to optimize the design.

Advantages manufacturing?

As you can see. Carbon fiber is a good material. At the same time, greater rigidity can be obtained. And reduce weight. However, there are also disadvantages.

During the carbon fiber stacking process. It involves high-pressure forming. And curing of the mold and carbon cloth. In many cases, manual operation is still used. Increased manufacturing time and cost. And the rim is well developed and designed. Can produce a large number of wheels. These wheelsets are reproducible and high quality.

What are the advantages of using carbon wheelset?

For the driver and you. This may be the most important factor. There are many benefits of using carbon fiber wheels. But considering the purchase cost. It feels the same.

Carbon fiber can make rims are more taller. Wider. And more complex. And a more excellent rigidity-to-weight ratio.

In fact, there is the most important point. It’s the appearance. Of course, performance is important. But it is undeniable. A nice pair of carbon fiber wheels is also very important. Riders pay attention to performance at the same time. It also cares whether the appearance looks cool.

What innovations and developments have occurred in the past few years?

In recent years, the shortcomings of carbon fiber wheels in the market.

In addition, the density of carbon cloth has increased significantly. Therefore, its reliability is improved and the weight of the rear rim is further reduced. As a result, the manufacturing precision of the carbon fiber rim is further improved. And allows the use of coreless molding technology.

For example: carbon fiber wheelset 700C. The carbon fiber wheelset 700C combines a lightweight structure. To achieve high strength, durability and stability. Moreover, 100% hand-made and inspection ensure the quality of the wheels.

So what is your choice?
There are hundreds of carbon fiber wheels on the market. However, on road vehicles, it can usually be divided into three categories. There is a low frame. Middle frame and high frame. In addition, you can now choose between rim brakes and disc brake carbon rim.

In short, due to the compact and simple structure. Low-profile wheels provide the lightest weight. And maximum rigidity.

The high-frame wheels use more materials. Therefore, it will be heavier when climbing. The responsiveness is worse. But they will have more efficient aerodynamic performance.

Once you have chosen the wheel frame height that suits you. Then you also need to consider the shape of the rim. width. Brake side. Hub spokes. Open up. Still tube tires and prices. You can find the most suitable carbon fiber wheelset for you.

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