Carbon wheelset upgrade and selection


Many players seem to consider the upgrade of carbon wheelset when upgrading bicycle, so let’s talk about those things about bicycle wheelset today. The wheelset is mainly composed of rim, hub, spokes and hub spoke nipples. The combination of the three and the weaving method of the spokes affect the performance of the wheels. Smooth lubrication, reliable hubs, rims that can withstand high air pressure and heavy braking make you ride smoothly and confidently, while light weight allows you to further enhance your riding experience.

Upgrading a pair of excellent wheelset will give you a great ride, faster average speed, faster braking, lighter weight. And more agile acceleration and deceleration.

upgrade-wheelsetWhat kind of wheelset should I buy?

Competition, long-distance, windbreaking, off-road, and road vehicles are used more and more widely. Correspondingly, there are various types of wheels. First determine what type of rider you are, so you can easily know what type of wheelset you want.

Climbing wheelset group

The moment of inertia (mainly the weight of the rim) is most obvious when you are climbing, so a pair of wheelset suitable for climbing tends to have a very low frame height (reduced rim weight). This type of wheel group tends to have a very low frame height and a small number of spokes. Climbing wheelset have a good riding experience, the higher the frame height, the more difficult the ride-so the scope of use of the climbing wheels is more extensive. Such as :38mm Carbon Clincher Rims 700C Road Bicycle Rim Lightweight.

Training wheelset

If you are a professional rider, face the race. Although speed and light weight are essential for racing wheelset. You must have a sturdy and durable daily training wheelset. The rims will wear out with constant braking, so training wheelset are usually the best.

There are other well-known ones, such as mid profile rims aerodynamic wheelset, high-profile rims, gravel, off-road, and long-distance wheels.

Reference steps for choosing a good set of wheels

Multi-layer wheels, high-efficiency amplitude modulation material, and high-brand wheel products are the first choices. The total weight of the wheels is second. Finally, we began to seriously assess whether the price is affordable.

Factors to consider when choosing carbon wheelset


Mainly lies in the quantity, quality and size of the wheelset. The smoother the bearing, the smaller the friction of the bearing and the more labor-saving.

Aerodynamic characteristics

The plate wheelset is better, and the wider the better, the disc wheelset is of course the best. If there are fewer lines, the lines are flatter. Then the effect will be better. However, the better the aerodynamic characteristics, there is a price to pay, usually when the wind is upwind, the wind breaks like an arrow; when it is crosswind, the wind is like a wall. Like:50mm Tubular Carbon Rim Asymmetrical 2.5mm 700C UD Matte, 60mm Carbon Clincher Rims 700C Road Bicycle Wheel UD Matte .

Other factors include weight, strength, braking performance, durability, and convenience.

Carbon fiber wheelset are popular because of their weight, stiffness, and good drag coefficient. For example: carbon wheelset 700C. The carbon fiber wheel set 700C achieves a combination of high strength, stability, comfort and convenience at the same time. The high stiffness also provides more precision, which is conducive to the steering of the bicycle. At the same time, the angle of the spoke hole of the carbon fiber wheelset is customized according to the geometric angle of the hub. And the drilling pattern can customized according to the needs. Therefore, the 700C carbon fiber wheelset is a good choice.


When upgrading the wheelset, you must first understand what kind of rider you are and what kind of carbon fiber wheelset are suitable for you. After understanding the different types of wheelset and the factors to be considered. You will choose the one that satisfies you the most.

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