Carbon Wheelset-Gravel vs Cyclocross


Carbon fiber road bikes and mountain bikes may dominate the bicycle field, but between these two extremes, you will find some gaps between wheelset and rims. The most famous types of gravel bikes, cyclocross bikes.
Each bicycle uses road carbon wheelset. With tire thicknesses ranging from 32 mm to 50 mm. But it lacks the same aerodynamic geometry as a real road bike. The difference is that they provide better comfort and absorbency when riding off-road.

carbon-fiber-wheelsetCarbon gravel wheelset

Crushed stone bicycles are one of the newest disciplines in the bicycle industry. And bicycles are often criticized as nothing more than road bicycles with thicker tires. However, high-speed riding on loose, rugged terrain requires very special geometric shapes. And typical road bikes will encounter difficulties. Bicycle manufacturers have designed gravel bicycle wheelset. To meet the needs of more cyclists. They want to spend more time on cross-country bikes. At the same time maintain the lightness and aerodynamic feel of a road bike.

As the name suggests. The gravel bike is designed to ride on gravel. Dirt roads or any other rough but mostly flat surface. Naturally, they cannot handle extremely rocky or mountainous terrain. But they can absorb small vibrations over long distances and make you feel comfortable. They usually use carbon fiber 700c wheelset.  Such as: 50mm Carbon Wheelset 700C Clincher Tubeless Ready 25mm Width, 60mm Carbon Wheelset 700C 25mm Width Clincher Tubeless Ready UD Matte etc. Carbon fiber wheelset have a lightweight structure, high strength, stability, and comfort. Ensure the perfect harmony between the rider, road bike and wheelset!

You can install 28-40 mm tires. Depending on how harsh the conditions you plan to ride. In a few cases, you may find that gravel bikes with 650b wheelset can accommodate smaller riders and provide stability.


Cyclocross is a bicycle obstacle course. It is a bicycle race on an outdoor track similar to an obstacle course. It usually involves a variety of terrain. Such as mud, stairs, water and gravel. Participants often need to get off the car and bring the bicycle over obstacles. The race is intensive, lasts 30 to 90 minutes, and usually involves completing multiple loops that block the track.
Like gravel bikes, the tread tires of off-road bikes are designed to provide better grip in off-road conditions. But because UCI competition rules limit the size to 33 mm, they are usually thinner. However, the geometry and transmission are different and are design for fast.

Short distance races rather than long, comfortable riding. Because the cross-country course does not have long and flat sections. To avoid mud accumulation, off-road bicycles are equipped with cantilever brakes. It provide greater clearance than caliper brakes.
Unlike gravel bikes, cross-country bikes are not very good commuter bikes. Because they are not so comfortable. If you plan to ride on different terrains. But outside of cross-country racing. They are not very useful. But they can make sturdy road bikes.
Different bicycles have different performances. Depending on your preference. If you are interested, you can consider carbon fiber wheelset.

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