Carbon fiber wheelset-about 700c and 650b

[vc_row][vc_column][s7upf_information]What is the best carbon fiber gravel bicycle wheelset? Especially carbon wheelset 700C or 650b. Which size is right for me? Recently,this question is often asked and the simplest answer is…both.

The biggest difference in bicycle wheelset is what you ride and how you ride it. With this in mind. I will compare the advantages and disadvantages of the 650b and 700c wheelset. Accordingly you can choose the one that right for you.

carbon wheelset 700C

In summary, the 700C carbon fiber wheelset is suitable for long-distance riding or competition in the dirt on a flat single track or a good dirt/gravel road. The reason is that the larger the tire. Due to smaller the angle at which the tire touches the ground,  makes it easier for them to roll on imperfect surfaces. Besides,the wheelset can give more play to the advantages of rolling faster. Compared with the 650b equipped with a large-capacity wheelset.

The 700c carbon fiber wheelset provides less rolling resistance. Greater power and better rollover ability. For some people, these may be the preferred sizes for commuting on sidewalks, training rides, or racing on hero gravel. So our carbon fiber wheelset combine lightweight construction, high rigidity, stability, comfort, aerodynamics and strong strength! In addition, the full carbon fiber wheelset 700C has rim brakes and disc brakes. And other distinguishing characteristics of road bike wheels are height and rim width. This can vary according to different models. For riding, it provides good comfort.

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The 650b gravel bicycle carbon fiber wheelset has a smaller diameter and shorter spokes. This will make the wheels feel slightly harder than the 700c. The smaller diameter 650b wheelset allow you to run larger capacity tires in the same frame. This wheelset is more suitable for riding on rugged trails and rougher dirt. The 650b size shortens the wheelbase. Making the bike feel more lively and maneuverable. Differences between mountain bikes with different wheel sizes have different effects. The 650b wheel size has long been popular with touring riders. For short riders, an additional benefit is that the ratio of the 650b wheel to the small frame is larger and toe overlap and upper tube height can be reduced for better standing clearance. And this size has a variety of touring tires to choose from.

So, which type is best? For racing cars or smoother surfaces. Obviously I would recommend carbon wheelset 700c. What is more, for riders who think of gravel bikes as slash mountain bikes. Undoubtedly, I recommend trying at least one set of 650b.[/s7upf_information][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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