Carbon fiber wheelset-high,low,middle profile rim


The gains that carbon fiber wheelset can bring are undoubtedly the best, among all the parts that can affect the performance of road bike vehicles. The best wheelset can make your originally boring riding experience fun and exciting.

The light-weight and good-rigid wheelset can make you feel as smooth as a climb, help you to cruise on flat roads effortlessly, and improve steering accuracy. A high-quality hub does not require frequent maintenance to operate smoothly, and more importantly, it has good waterproof performance.

Now the types of wheelset are becoming more and more abundant. You can consider the height of the rim, suitable for clincher, tubular or tubeless, disc brakes or rim brakes, quick release or thru axles. If you want to find the right wheelset. You still have to After some consideration.

Today we will discuss how to choose a symmetrical road bike carbon fiber wheelset. First of all, you need to understand what exactly these types of wheels under consideration bring you, and what do you really need? Look at the nature of these types of wheelset through their appearance.


Aerodynamic wheelset (high profile rim)

Taking into account the speed at which we ride daily. Air resistance is the most important factor that riders need to overcome. Therefore, a higher wheel set can indeed bring the potential to increase speed for riding. And, if you continue to invest in other pneumatic equipment. It can indeed bring you a more significant advantage.

Ultra-light wheelset (low profile rim)

For cost considerations, many complete vehicles are often simply equipped on the wheels. They are often heavy and ugly, so weight reduction has become a main reason for upgrading the wheels. Not only feel and visually, but also psychologically lose weight. In short, the lighter the better. And this idea has always deepened our impression on the development of bicycles. Although in terms of resistance, the lightweight wheels do have a greater impact when rotating than when they are stationary. If your riding environment is enjoyable up and down, how do you choose? In addition, just like the high profile rim, the lighter the wheel set is, the more expensive it is. These are all factors that influence your choice.

The best compromise (middle profile rim)

Judging from the two-year trend. The middle compromise solution has a very high degree of acceptance among players. With the increasing awareness of players. The middle profile rim has also become more and more popular.

The middle profile rim looks more perfect, it’s not that heavy, and it doesn’t place too much demand on the driver and the environment. In the middle type of road conditions, the middle type is the best choice.

For example, the popular carbon fiber wheelset 700C, carbon fiber road bike wheelset have different rim variants. Usually, we do have four series of carbon fiber wheel versions, including clincher, tubular, tubeless and hookless! In addition, the full carbon wheelset 700C has rim brakes and disc brakes. Other distinguishing characteristics of road bike wheelset are height and rim width. This can vary according to different models. Different road sections have different options. So you can choose your ideal wheelset according to what you need. Able to find the best balance between weight, aerodynamics, rigidity and durability.

Which wheelset is best for you?

Now, you already know what these three types of wheelsets can bring you. Considering that we are not professional riders. There are not so many road conditions that require us to consider too much on the wheelset. So the remaining questions you need to consider are how strong you are and where you ride.

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