Carbon Mountain Bikes – Type and Function

bike types

Before you start buying mountain bikes. I think there are many types of bicycles in the mountains. Next, I will classify different tasks in the mountain bike. Quick explanation of differences between them. And what are their specific functions?

XC mountain bike

Cross-Country bicycle (abbreviated is XC). From the literal meaning. There is a meaning of crossing the township. Such bicycles are also the most large number of mountain bikes. At present, this type of bicycle is more inclined to use a larger size 29er rims. Because thin light tires. The competition can get a faster speed. Helps improve the stepping efficiency in the road conditions and the saving in the riding ride. High-end competition level bicycles, carbon fibers are already default.

In order to climb the steepest slope and achieve a higher speed. For example: carbon fiber 29 mountain bike risers. 29er MTB carbon rims features a 29-inch design with a type of hook and hookless. It has XC, TRAIL, Enduro, Downhill, Plus and other types. Such as: Light 29 Carbon RIMS XC Hookless Tubeless Compatible 30mm Width asymmetric 2.6mm. MTB 29 Carbon RIMS 32mm Width 25mm Depth Ud Matte ETC.

bike typesTrail mountain bike (forest road car)

This is the most popular mountain bike. Because this type of bicycle is suitable for any scene.

The frame has a relatively relaxed angle. There will be a larger angular head tube and longer wheelbase. To provide you with more confidence in the downhill. And a transmission device designed to handle more complex road conditions. 29er and 650b rims have a thousand autumn, 29er’s passivity, and 650b will be more motorful. Such as: 650b Carbon XC Rim Hookless Tubeless Ready 30mm Width Ud Matte.

Generally, this category is equipped with a shorter standing and wider car to increase the control of the high speed. The tire will also be more resistant to. Relative weight will be even greater. If you like a downhill, you like to climb it. So this mountain bicycle can apply to various scenes.

Enduro bicycle (endurance bike)

Enduro mountain bikes are actually a competitive form. The score only calculates the drowning time of the driver. But the driver still needs to ride on the track. Although there is no provision that must be ride uphill. If the specified location is not reached, it will end the game. This means that these bicycles are designed to cope with complex downhill road conditions. There is also a very light and efficient stepping ability. This type of bicycle is relatively difficult, and it is also very testing novice.

Downhill Bike / DH bicycle / speed bicycle

As the name suggests, there is only one task of these bicycles. In the fastest speed, there is no matter what the steep downhill road sections will be on the road. This type of car generally has a stroke of 200 mm or more. Spring is usually used as a late suspension of the shock absorber medium. The suspension setting will be optimized for pure traction and support. Instead of stepping efficiency.

E-MTB / electric mountain bike

Electric mountain bikes use batteries and motor combinations to provide additional power for your stepping. Generally, controller adjusts the aid level on the bicycle. In fact, electric bicycles can take you more local ride. For example, before you can’t think of the place where you can reach the car.

After understanding the common mountain bike types, I believe that you have a prototype with the carbon mountain bikes in your heart.

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