Carbon MTB Wheels-How to Choose it


For novice mountain bikers, the wide variety of carbon MTB wheels can be dazzling. So,that’s why we decided to use easy-to-understand language to tell you how to choose the right mountain bike wheelset for you.

To choose the right mountain wheelset, you need to consider the following aspects

There are 4 important factors to know when choosing a mountain wheel set: rims, spokes, hubs, bicycles and riding styles.

carbon-wheelsRim material of carbon MTB wheels

The rim material is an important part of the bicycle wheelset. And we must consider which type of rim material to use.

The alloy is always an alloy-with the same characteristics. However, carbon fiber is highly variable, allowing designers to play freely. In a words, we can use carbon fiber to make rims with all the strength, durability and riding feel required for a specific wheelset. In addition, carbon rims can be laid in different directions, thicknesses and laminates to create ideal wheel characteristics for specific sports in the mountain bike world.

Our recommendation is: 29 Carbon Rims MTB 33mm Width 25mm Depth, MTB 29 Carbon Rims 32mm Width 25mm Depth etc.


The spokes are like the cables of a suspension bridge—they gain strength from tension. Count the spokes and you will know the strength and stiffness of the wheel. Lightweight wheels will have 24 to 28 spokes.

Spokes designed to withstand more stringent requirements is likely to have 28 or more spokes. Count 32 spokes and you will know that the wheels are hard to break. Large and heavy riders are best to run 32 spokes. The nature of the spokes that hold the wheelset together greatly affects the feel of the bike when you ride it-its vivid response and pedal power transmission.


The carbon wheel hub affects the feel, efficiency and weight of the wheel. The fast-engaging wheels accelerate faster and provide better control-especially in the wet technical part of the slide or single-track descent. The hub should be reliable and can last a long time without the main service. Sealed bearings help extend working life. When the service interval comes, they should be simple enough and easy to handle. The hub spacing varies, and the reinforced (which means wider) tube hub must be mated to the rear fork at the correct distance.

Riding style

Think about your favorite riding style, divided into uphill and downhill. Which of these three categories appeals to you most? The standard analysis of MTB riding styles divides them into three main categories, based on the simple proportions of uphill and downhill riding. The categories are as follows:

Cross country riders mainly go uphill and travel long distances.

Trail riders who divide their efforts equally between ascent and descent.

Enduro riders must be prepared for anything that might happen to the terrain or weather.

How to choose carbon MTB wheels

There are some carbon mountain bike wheelset that are very suitable for the above three types of mountain bike enthusiasts. To sum up, lightweight riders can use lighter wheels. They should be adjusted to your personal needs to achieve the perfect balance between weight and strength. Now is the time to take a closer look at the wheelsets to match your favorite MTB events-and what to look for when you are looking for those dream wheels on the market.

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