Carbon Road bike wheels–What to know

carbon bicycle wheel

Why carbon road bike wheel is the best upgrade one for road bike?

Carbon road bike wheels are one of the best upgrades to your road bike. A pair of brand new wheel can make your bike feel like new, or ride like a completely different machine. And it can provide new speeds, smoother riding, reliable durability, and/or lighter weight.

With a series of tangible benefits, upgrading the carbon wheel is the most popular modifications for the riders. The carbon wheels on the bike really keep you moving and have a considerable impact on the quality of your ride. Of course, the drivetrain will push you forward, and the frame will also have a significant impact on the quality of riding. But the wheel is the first element of the bicycle, feel the road vibration, surface defects and terrain changes.

One of the most important characteristics of a wheel set is that it converts your hard work on the bike into the result on the road. So it is important to match the right wheel set for your riding style. Because having a reliable wheel set can still provide good results.

The parts of the carbon wheelset 700C.


The Chinese carbon wheel have composed with four main components. All of which affect weight, durability and performance. Upgrading these components will affect riding quality, your effort output (speed) and braking performance. So it is necessary to understand each component and how they relate to improving road performance.

What is carbon rim?

The carbon rim 700C locates on the outside of the wheel and has two main functions. It fixes the tire and provides a braking surface. It is applicable to bicycles with rim brakes and disc brakes. The width of the rim will affect the width of the tire. Which will have a significant impact on the rider’s comfort. Besides the material of the braking surface will affect the braking performance. If you want to know the production process of the carbon rim, pls click here.

Hub is important for the Chinese carbon wheel.

The hub is in the center and offers the axis of rotation. The front and rear hub are the axles that connect the wheel to the bicycle. On the rear wheel, the hub has a spline to which the cassette tape has connected. The chain of the bicycle is wound on the sprocket of the flywheel and combined with the chainring and the gear lever to form a power transmission system that pushes the bicycle forward. In addition to pushing the bicycle forward, all road bicycle wheels will use a rear hub with a “free hub” mechanism to allow the bicycle to slide.

Do you know about the carbon wheel spokes?

The spokes are the material connect the hub and the rim. The number of spokes on the front and rear wheels will vary. And the rear wheels usually have more spokes to increase strength and rigidity. More spokes usually mean stronger wheels, but this leads to weight loss. The spokes have different materials and shapes to optimize strength or improve aerodynamics, sometimes both.

More details of the carbon bicycle wheelset nipples.

The spokes have connected to the wheels by special nuts called “nipples”. The nipples are important for adjusting the spoke tension. Which will “realize” the wheel, making it straight when it rotates.

In the next blog, we will introduce what a good carbon wheel. Then how to custom carbon wheel. Focus on, more useful information will go on our website.

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