Carbon Road Bikes Wheels Introduction


Nowadays, there are many ways to ride a bicycle, and the use of carbon road bike wheels is one of the most popular ways.Some people will choose between tubular and clincher wheels. So, today we will introduce some bicycle wheels knowledge.

1.Some ways to make your carbon road bikes wheels better than before.

One is to train hard to make yourself ride longer. The other is to improve your bike to make it more powerful and efficient. You should try to enjoy the game in a friendly way.

This is the reason for the existence of road bike carbon wheels. Compared with standard metal wheels, they are lighter and have better aerodynamic performance. This means that riders on carbon fiber wheels can ride faster than those who are not.

If you replace your current wheels with carbon fiber wheels, you will immediately become a better and faster cyclist. There is no better way than using aerodynamic carbon wheels.

If you want to upgrade your bike, a road bike with carbon fiber wheels will be the most valuable. They are a bit expensive, but when you compare the price to the speed improvement, they pay off.

clincher-wheels2.Carbon road bikes wheels:clincher and tubular wheel

The answer is here: if you want to participate in the competition, you can choose tubular wheels. If you are looking for all-round wheels, you can choose clincher wheels. In addition to the above two standards, there are more standards, but most people will buy bicycles based on these two standards.

3.The types of Clinicer and Tubular and the types of tires that can be used on the wheels.

Carbon fiber clincher tires are the most common type and can be used with tires and inner tubes. If you have a flat clincher, you can change the inner tube and continue riding quickly.

Carbon fiber tubular tires are lighter in weight and cheaper, but you must use a specific tubular tire. First, you should put the tire and inner tube together into one body, and then we will use glue to stick it to the wheel. In general, tubular are more expensive than clincher wheels. If you are on a flat road, they are not easily changed.

If you want to replace the tube tire, you must remove the glue from the tire and stick the fresh glue to the new tube tire. It takes some time to wait for the glue to dry. Many people will not be willing to change when they are cycling. Tubular tires are popular with professional racers because they are cheaper and lighter, but not convenient.

Why do some well-known companies only produce tubular carbon wheels? The reason is that it is difficult to produce carbon fiber split wheels that are strong enough in our daily lives. This is why some companies only sell tubular wheels and use aluminum rims glued to the aerodynamic carbon fairing.

We have advanced technology for manufacturing clinchers. When you ride a bicycle, you will feel that the carbon fiber clincher tires are very strong and durable. The weight is very light and the performance is very good.


30mm Carbon Clincher Wheelset 700C, 38mm Clincher Carbon Wheelset 700C etc.

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