Carbon road rims—Which depth to choose?


Different carbon road rims characteristics.

Carbon road bike rims are more and more popular among professional and amateur riders. If money were no object, we would all have a carbon rims wardrobe full of different choice. But for most of us, perfection should compromise on a daily basis. So which depth of the carbon road bicycle rims should I choose? This is a frequently questions always asked by new buyers.

In general, the carbon bicycle rim depth is a trade-off between the weight and speed. Shallow carbon rims from 24-39mm are lighter and easier to climb and handle. The middle carbon rims from 40-59mm is relatively well round, not too heavy for climbing. But still fast on flat roads. The deep carbon rims 60mm+ are heavier and harder to climb. However it is faster on flat roads.

There are also some other more elements need take into consideration in order to choose the best suitable carbon rims for you.

Stiffness, comfort or efficiency?

Rim depth is a key factor which influence the carbon bike wheels stiffness.

Normally, the deeper carbon rims are stiffer and more efficiency in power transfer. Because less power is dissipated from wheel flex. The shallow carbon bicycle rims have provided better comfort on rough roads as more bumps and vibrations as dispersed.

Speed, light or aerodynamics?

Although the carbon shallow rims are lighter, but it is not necessarily faster. Other factors aerodynamics and inertia should also consider together.

For two wheels with the same weight, the more higher rim weight percentage at the rim(compared to the hubs) is more likely to make you faster. At the early stage, the lighter weight carbon bike rims allows you to accelerate faster. But with less cruising inertia.

While the heavier and deeper carbon rims are more aerodynamics and provide better inertia during the cruise phase. In the road racing, most riders will prefer to choose deeper carbon rims. The 60mm carbon front rim and 88mm carbon rear rim are great combination to choose. It has offer better aerodynamics and are relatively quicker, giving better inertia during cruising.

Which depth of the carbon road rims to choose?

As mentioned above, choose the best rim depth is a trade-off between weight and speed. Choosing the best suitable right rim depth means you need to consider which factor is more important to you.

For time trials or triathlons, the 88mm carbon rims and even the 3-spoke carbon wheel are widely used. As most of these races take place on flat road conditions. Shallow carbon fiber rims is a better choice if you are primarily using the wheel on hilly roads that require multiple climbs.

In summary, the following factors should also consider when choosing the carbon bicycle rim depth:

  • Main terrain to use, hill or flat road.
  • The main usage of the specific carbon bike wheel, you are using for casual riding or racing.
  • Riders’weight, skill and style is also important

How to choose the best suitable carbon rims depth for you.

Our Huami Carbon have a variety of rim depths, which is suitable for extremely professional use as for more general riding. No matter which two wheel rule an enthusiasts follow. We have a catalog rim depth to suit every customer’s need. For climbers, you can choose the 30mm or 35mm carbon bicycle rim. It is suitable for low weight racer and most conditions. If for all-round racer, rolling hills, faster flats conditions, you can choose the 50mm/55mm carbon bike rims. For the professional time trial competitor, flat terrain, calm conditions, the 60mm or 88mm carbon rim is a good choice for you.









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