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Carbon Road wheels 700C

Are road carbon wheels 700C a good choice?

Nowhere in the cycling the light carbon wheels are more and more popular. Because the carbon road wheels are lighter. It has reduced the effort you need to reach higher speeds on the straights. They are more aerodynamic and provide better performance, less effort and friction. While achieving better results and less energy consumption.

We have carbon wheelsets available from 30mm to 88mm rim depth.It means you can find a set of aero-climbing carbon wheel or a pair that not look out of place on time trial or triathlon bike. Our most popular are 38mm carbon wheel and 50mm carbon wheel. Some riders will choose 38mm carbon front and 50mm carbon rear wheel. This wheelset provides an aerodynamic advantage for group riding and reduces front wheel weight as the road begins to rise reduces the risk of the front wheel being caught by accidental crosswinds.

The carbon fiber road bicycle rims/wheels are our core products. After more than ten years of accumulated experience, our road carbon rims have become one of the most competitive products in the European and American markets. Besides, it has received great feedback from our customers.

Why choose our carbon road bicycle wheelset?

There are many advantages for choosing our carbon fiber road bike wheelset.

  • Better components for the carbon wheelset 700C

On our website which you can see the carbon wheel is equipped with our own new design Black Huami wheel. Which is economic and have great quality. Besides, it has received great feedback from our customers. We also can equip different series of carbon wheels with different combinations. All the accessories have guaranteed quality. The carbon road bike wheelsets can also combined with different high-end parts. Whether it’s hubs, spokes, nipples or freehubs, can also from well-known manufacturers to avoid inferior products. Such as the DT Swiss hub. So please let me know the brand of parts you want, we can make the custom carbon wheel for you.

  • More flexible options.

You can not only choose the hub you like, but also the spokes you prefer. You can use sapim CX-Ray spokes for lightweight but more stiffer.

  • 100% hand-made by our experience engineers.

We have assembled each wheelset ourselves and control the quality of the wheelset. We firmly reject substandard products. Our road bike wheelsets are completely hand assembled by experienced engineers to make the wheels suitable for different customers. Because different customers may have different assembly requirements, such as required spoke tension, etc.

How to choose the best suitable carbon wheelset for yourself?

At present, we have developed many series of carbon bicycle wheels. These wheels cover a variety of rider needs. If you have a limited budget and are looking for the carbon road wheels, below is some guider for your reference.

  • 30mm and below carbon fiber wheels.

The 30mm and below carbon wheels are lightweight. They are good for climbing and going up steep slopes. It has tends to have very less aerodynamics but it provides much more comfort for the riders.

  • 30mm-38mm carbon bike wheels.

The range carbon wheel is less light, but it provides better aerodynamics. It is similar as 30mm depth and below which is great for riding steep slopes, but it is slightly less comfortable. However, these range depth of carbon rims are definitely more smooth and stable to ride when compared with 30mm depth and below carbon wheels.

  • 38mm-50mm carbon road wheels

The wheels in this depth are the most versatile and common wheelsets as talked before. It is suitable for steep and gentle slopes with excellent performance. This series of wheelsets have better aerodynamics to give you more speed and acceleration. Generally speaking, below 42mm is suitable for steep slopes, and above 45mm is suitable for gentle slopes and flat ground. So if you’re a lazy person who keeps changing wheels, look for something in between!

  • 50mm-65mm carbon bicycle wheels.

This series of the carbon road wheel are mainly for flat roads. They have better aerodynamics than the 35mm-50mm carbon deep wheel. They are able to provide higher speed and a lot of stability with minimal effort. Since their depth is more affected by crosswinds, some riders will use a low front wheel combined with a high rear wheel to reduce the effect of crosswinds.

  • 65mm or more depth carbon wheels.

The high deep carbon wheelset is not common. They are usually used for triathlons or time trials, such as the 88mm carbon wheel.

With the main focus on aerodynamics, the carbon wheels are heavier and the least comfortable wheelset for the rider. Because of this, the effect of crosswinds is significant and a rider with good control is required to ride on wheels of this depth.