Carbon road wheels Guider 2022

Carbon road wheels are becoming a trend.

Carbon road wheels are common among professional road bikers. Amateur racers, sports cyclists and ordinary people have better understanding of the bike parts. They can upgrade their bike according to their need.

As the widespread use of carbon road wheels. The carbon wheelset 700C has become the choice of many riders. The carbon wheel is not only super lightweight but in high stiffness. Moreover, it has a higher-tech aerodynamic shapes. This feature can help riders gain an advantages in specific competitions.

How to choose carbon fiber bicycle wheels well?

  • The carbon rim material is full carbon Toray T700 & T800. Which make the carbon wheel lighter. Then you will find the lighter carbon fiber wheel will bring you many performance advantages.
  • The carbon bicycle wheel have riding qualities than other material wheel. It is really comfortable.
  • The carbon fiber wheel are in great high quality. Because of the one piece new technology, this make the wheel in great strength.
  • Carbon fiber wheels allow engineers to fine-tune their performance and feel. Besides, our technicist can help you design the logo etc.
  •  If you want lightweight wheels, the carbon material is really the best choice for you.
  • Our factory have focus on carbon fiber bicycle manufacturing for a long time. We can work hard to make the carbon wheelset reasonably affordable. If you want to know how the carbon rim produce, click here.


What do you want to consider before buying carbon road bike wheels?

  • Intended use:Carbon fiber wheels may have different functions. Which depends on how you intend to use them. You can not compare carbon fiber road wheels for competitive competitions with wheels for recreational riding. For various purposes, you need different rim profiles, so it is worth considering.
  • Rim type: We do have tubeless, clincher, tubular, hookless etc. carbon rims. They are all best for different specific reasons. Tubular rims are the best for racing. And clincher wheels can serve all purposes. Tubeless wheels just don’t have tubes and rely on an airtight seal. However, tubeless rims can host other types of the carbon wheels.
  • Cost: This is basically related to your budget. In every purchasing decision, budget is always a consideration. Do you need to save more, or you don’t need something so expensive that you can easily buy it at that time.


Carbon fiber road wheels are undoubtedly the best wheel choice for your bicycle before new technology introduce another option. They provide riders with everything they need for a smooth and convenient ride. They have become popular recently. Because there are more affordable options than before. If you don’t use your bicycle for racing, you can consider other alternatives, such as aluminum. But why do you want to do this when you have access to advanced options that professionals use?

You can find carbon fiber wheels for sale at a discount on our website or ask for a custom carbon wheel. Then you can continue to enjoy the high-quality riding experience.



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