Carbon tubeless wheel-something you don’t know

For a long time, mountain bikes use carbon fiber tubeless wheels. With the emergence of tubeless wheels in the Tour de France. Using carbon fiber vacuum tire wheels, the road feel is indeed first-class. Not only is it soft, but on rough roads, the speed loss is also smaller. And the vibration transmitted to the handlebar. But also significantly reduces the seat, especially at low tire pressure. This is very helpful for improving speed, comfort and safety. If you are also interested in using carbon fiber tubeless wheels. Then you must not miss today’s content. Not only explained about carbon fiber tubeless bicycles. But also knowledge you didn’t know.

carbon-fiber-wheelWhat is a bicycle tubeless?

Tubeless tyres do not say that the inside of the tire is vacuum like its name. Tubeless wheel are the mainstream name in our country. In fact, the literal translation is tubeless tires. For most people, it is the first time to learn that most tubeless tires come from automobiles. Tubeless tires on bicycles are actually the same airtight system as tubeless tires. Rather than the traditional tubular and tubeless structure. Unlike the tube tire. Fix it on the wheel frame with glue.

Tubeless VS clincher VS tubular wheels?

Compared with the demanding vacuum system, the traditional carbon fiber clincher wheels and tires can be used normally even with larger tolerances. Relatively speaking, the compatible type is better. Carbon fiber tubeless wheels require precise coordination between the rim and the tire. Otherwise it is impossible to achieve good air tightness. Tubular has been proven in countless major events and is very mature.

What are the advantages of using tubeless?

Because there is no inner tube, greatly reduce the risk of tire rupture due to low tire pressure. So that the stability of the bicycle can improve. In addition, there is no friction between the inner tube and the outer tire. And the sidewalls have become soft. The rolling resistance is also reduce.

Tubeless also more resistant to puncture. Since there is no inner tube at all, if the damage is large, you can install the inner tube and continue using it. And then come back for replacement or repair. Puncture resistance is greatly improve, compared to the use of tire inner tubes.

And the above, it seems that the most advantageous is for off-road conditions. Even for long-distance travel. It is also very advantageous. In the case of road bikes, the biggest advantage is the road feel and its lower rolling resistance.

What are the main disadvantages of tubeless wheels?

Everything has two sides. First of all,  than traditional inner tube system. The tubeless is more troublesome when it is first installed. In addition, situations like slow air discharging are more common, so compared to the inner tube system. You have to check the air pressure and make up air more frequently. Although the tire sealant mentioned above can provide the advantages of sealing and repairing puncture. At the same time, regular inspections and supplements are required.

What are the characteristics of carbon wheels/rims that support tubeless?

The wheels or rims that support tubeless have two basic requirements: they must be able to hold the tires. they must be able to seal the air. For example, there is a tubeless series in carbon rims 700C, 38mm Carbon Fiber Tubeless Rims 700C. Carbon tubeless wheels series are available in the carbon wheelset 700C.

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