Carbon tubular vs clincher

In order to get a riding feel and light weight, nothing can compare to a carbon tubular. In the past few years, carbon tubular have been in a leading position. Recently, carbon fiber clinchers have become popular because they have fulfilled a huge promise. The all-carbon fiber clincher tire is light in weight and good in performance. Previously, it could only be provided by carbon tubular. Coupled with the convenience of a clincher. Carbon tubular tires are actually very similar to clinchers. The main difference is that the tubular tyre consists only of an inner tube and a tire. The clincher has two parts.

Do you know the advantages and disadvantages of carbon tubular and clincher? In addition to the weight reduction of the former and the simple flat fixing of the latter. Is there more?


Carbon tubular and carbon clincher

Because there is no bead wall. Carbon tubular rims are lighter. The tire turns better. Because their cross-section is round, rather than leaf-shaped like pliers. They are also usually lighter. There are no beads and a lighter inner tube can be used. For guaranteed events and road conditions. Compared with clinchers of the same size. High-end tubular tires can usually be inflated to higher pressures. They are more difficult to flatten than open pliers (due to the lower, rounder rim wall and tougher latex inner tube).

The carbon tubular is safer to ride when lying flat. Because they still stick to the rim. And the flat open pliers can fall off the rim. The tire pressure in the tubular has no effect on the rim. In addition to uniformly compressing it radially inward. This will slightly reduce the spoke tension. And this happens with all tire types. The disadvantages of carbon tubular are the cost and the time and skill required for bonding. There is enough braking heat. The glue may melt and cause the tire to fall off.

Clincher installation speed is faster. Tires are usually cheaper than tubular tires. And flat tires usually only need to replace the inner tube instead of the entire tire.

Clincher bead is heavier. Clincher tires are also a little heavier than tubular tires with similar tires and treads. Although during long braking periods. Any heat buildup in the rim of the open pliers can be a problem. But for clinchers, this is more of a problem. The latest carbon fiber opening. Plus the brake pads recommended by the manufacturer. In this case, it is unlikely to fail.


The full carbon fiber clincher rims 700C has different widths. Such as: 30mm Clincher Carbon Rims Ultralight 700C Road Bicycle Rim, 35mm Carbon Rims Clincher 700C Road Bike Rim 3K matte, etc.

The most commonly used widths for tubular rims are now 25 mm and 28 mm. Wider rims are more suitable for handling in corners and crosswind conditions. Such as: 30mm Carbon Tubular Rim 700C Road Bike 25mm Width, 35mm Carbon Tubular Rim 700C Road Bicycle Rims, etc.

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