Chinese carbon rims 700C different rim types


Many riders are not very clear about the concepts of Chinese carbon rims 700C, such as clincher, tubular and tubeless rims. Next, let us briefly introduce the difference between carbon fiber rims.

Carbon clincher rims

Characteristics of the carbon clincher rims into the groove of the casing. Everyone uses the clincher rim the most. The inner and outer tires have been in contact with each other since childhood. The contact rate is high and the replacement is easy.

Carbon tubeless rims

The characteristic of the carbon tubeless rim is that there is a concave groove on the outer ring of the rim. And there is a small protrusion on each side of the groove. The function of this bulge is to prevent the tire from separating from the outer tire when cornering with low tire pressure.

tubeless-rimsThe original intention of the tubeless tire design is due to the off-road demand of mountain bikes. Tubeless tires can have lower tire pressure, so that the tire deformation will be greater, the passability will be better, and the off-road riding will be more comfortable; pavement riding, tubeless tires It will bring a more comfortable road feel!

At the same time, tubeless rims will not bring lightweight attribute bonuses. Because tubeless rims have a thicker wall than ordinary rims for air tightness considerations. Some tubeless rims are very lightweight, but they also need to use the full tire repair liquid. However, if you include the weight of the spare tire and repair tools, the overall weight of the rider and the bike can still be lighter.

Carbon tubular rims

The carbon tubular rim does not have a groove embedded in the tire. This will bring two points:

  1. The tire pressure of the outer tire does not directly act on the tube tire, so that there is no tire pressure effect. The spoke tension is the spoke tension of the wheel, which will not decrease. Get angry, the spoke tension will be reduced
  2. Without the groove embedded in the tire, the tube bead can be much lighter. Generally, a single rim with a similar cross-section can be lighter by about 100g each.

Through the above two points, we can see that the carbon tubular rim is very suitable for competition use. The tension is not affected by the tire pressure. It is very lightweight and can be light and strong. Meet the greatest needs of most competitive sports equipment!

tubular-rimsAlso, because the tube bead has no tire pressure effect, when used on carbon fiber rims, it will not have to be braked like a split ring, and the braking operation requirements are so demanding, reducing the probability of frame burning and increasing the error tolerance rate of operation.

Summarize of Chinese carbon rims 700C

For cycling enthusiasts, the choice of rim mainly depends on the cost and convenience of later maintenance. Therefore, the current application of carbon fiber clincher rims is still the most common. The biggest advantage of tube tires lies in their lower weight. They have long been recognized as the golden choice for racing road bikes. The advantage is that they are lightweight and the wheels are also very lightweight. For example, there is a carbon tubular rims series in the Chinese carbon rims 700C. Like 60mm carbon tubular rims 700C Road Bike, 38mm Carbon Tubular Rims 25mm Width 700C etc.

All kinds of tires have their own advantages and disadvantages, so you need to think twice when choosing a carbon rim for your bicycle.

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