Custom carbon wheels

No matter you are professional or amateur riders, all need excellent OEM carbon rims or custom carbon wheels. Let your personality shine through Huami customized carbon road bike wheels. Based on our high-quality carbon fiber wheels, you can add your own custom touch to your wheel. Which to make them truly unique. You can build wheel specifications from scratch. Or you can use an existing carbon wheel set and add your twists. We are the carbon wheel supplier and are ready waiting your cooperation.

The custom carbon wheels is a key part of any road bike setup. They are the only point of contact on the road. And are your feedback on the future journey. We believe that customization is the future. We make it easy for you to choose the performance characteristics and aesthetics of the wheel set. But how to customize your carbon road wheels? Before customizing your carbon fiber wheels, you need to understand the composition of carbon fiber wheels. Only by understanding the carbon fiber wheels can you know what wheels you need. Read this guide to understand exactly how our customization process works.

How to custom carbon rims

Different Rim type: Tubular, tubeless, hookless

Tubular tires are only suitable for tubular rims. All of our carbon clincher type carbon rim are tubeless compatible. They can easily converted to tubeless via rim tape. We also provide tubeless rim options. Tubeless rims do not have access holes, so they are more reliable than tubeless ready rims in terms of air tightness. If you buy the entire wheel set, our experienced carbon wheel manufacturer will manufacture it for you. In addition, make it authentic and balanced. Our hookless rims are compatible with tubeless rims. And their design pressure is lower than that of carbon clincher rims.

custom carbon rimsCarbon rim depth

This is an issue with custom carbon wheels of various depths. Generally speaking, shallow rims are lighter and more comfortable. While deep-section rims are more aerodynamic and faster, but heavier and harder. Rider weight, riding skills and experience, the terrain and even the type are all considering variables. Moreover, the rotating weight or inertia also plays a role.

carbon rims wholesaleRim weight: Standard VS Flyweight VS Heavy-weight

You can customize the rim weight according to the riding conditions and the rider’s weight.
We do have Standard,Flyweight and heavy weight carbon rims. The rims do not refer to certain rim models, but refer to different laminated styles. Standard rims are suitable for middleweight riders of most riding types. While Flyweight rims are suitable for smoother surfaces and lighter riders. Then the heavy weight carbon rims are designed for super Clyde riders or aggressive riders. Designed for your riding.

Custom carbon rim weave:

We do have 3K, UD, 12K weave patterns. 3K and UD are the most popular rim weaving patterns. However, if you prefer the weave pattern observed from a distance. Then the 12K rim weave is a good choice. In addition to cross knitting, we also offers 3K and 12K twill weaves. And we have two different rim finishes: matte, glossy.

Custom the rim hole angles:

All the spokes angles have customized according to the hub geometric angle. And the spoke holes must be strict inspections to ensure that they are free of burrs.If your hubs are unique and want a unique wheel-building ,you can ask for a customized drilling angle.

Custom your carbon rim logo:

If you want to have your own logo on the carbon rims, send it to us. We can help you draw and design. Then customized the sticker which only belongs to you.


  1. How to customize carbon rims
  2. Order samples
  3. Choosing the hub type
  4. Choosing the axle type:
  5. Pick the proper brake type:
  6. Choose the suitable spoke type and lacing patterns:
  7. Choosing the nipples:
  8. What is carbon fiber?
  9. The process of manufacturing carbon rim:
  10. About the carbon fiber rims:
  11. About the carbon mtb rims:

If you need a custom carbon wheelset, then the following steps is also need to know.

1.Choose a bike hub:

Choosing the hub type
We have provided a variety popular brands hub. Including Novatec, Powerway, Bitex, DT Swiss etc. Only list and stock some of the most common ones. So if you want a special order, pls fee free to contact us or leave a statement. If you want to know more about the different types of hub, pls send me a email to [email protected].

Choosing the axle type:

First, you need to know whether you have a thru-axle or a quick-release(QR) axle. The thru-axles are usually 12 or 15mm. And the diameter is much larger than the QR. The thru axles thread into the frame or fork. While the QR uses a built-in end cap and has inserted into the U-shaped your frame dropouts or the fork. The QR spacing is generally 100mm for the front wheels and 130 or 135mm for the rear wheels. We have marked all quick-release size options with the letters QR.

For the thru axle, you can measure the width of the dropouts. Or consult the bicycle/front fork user manual. You can also find the information online. But please make sure that the model year is the same as the one you have. The thru-axle measurements have written as follows: 15/100mm (15mm diameter/100mm axle length). The size of the thru axle has changed even more. Some popular rear axle spacings have 12/142 mm, 12/148 mm (“boost”), 12/150 mm, and 12/157 mm (“super boost”).

Pick the proper brake type:

If you are not sure what is the difference between rim brake and disc brake, please read our blog Rim brake or disc brake?( If your road bike has rim brakes, you need to select the road rim brake option. For disc brakes, it has two popular rotors: 6 bolts and center locks. The 6-bolt rotor or ISO “International Standard” rotor is the most popular choice for mountain bikes. They have screwed into the six holes of the hub shell using torx head bolts.

Centerlocks use lock rings to hold the rotor in place. Which makes them very fast to use. Centerlocks are the most popular choice for road bikes. But they are also used for mountain bikes. Just because your bike is equipped with Centerlock brake discs. This does not mean that if you buy a new wheel set, you cannot switch to 6 bolts. This just means you need to buy a new rotor. Most riders prefer to stick to the same rotor style as their bikes. So that they can reuse the rotors , assuming they are in good condition. There are adapters that can convert the centerlock interface to 6 bolts, not the other way around.

Get a freehub type

It is important to choose right freehub type. Which will affect the bike cassette. The free wheel hub transmits the driving force to the wheel. On the contrary, it freewheels when not pedalling. Freehub is not cheap to replace, so you need to determine which type of cassettes you plan to use in the future.

2.Choose the suitable spoke type and lacing patterns:
The spokes will affect the weight strength and feeling of the wheel, transmit power. Moreover, it can help keep the rim round and real. Usually, there are three spoke types: straight spokes, butted spokes, and bladed spokes. As for the spoke head, have J-shaped bending and straight pull (SP). You can customize the lace pattern: 0X, 2X, 3X. Some riders prefer to use 2:1 laces on the rear wheels to increase lateral stiffness and reduce weight.

3.Choosing the nipples:
Use brass or alloy nipples. The weight of one alloy nipples is 1/3 gram. While each brass nipples weight is 1 gram. This doesn’t sound like much, but remember that some wheel sets have 72pcs. They have located on the outer diameter of the rim. And the rotation weight is the most important. The brass nipple is very sturdy, but there is no good color choice other than black. Alloy nipples are very light and come in a variety of anodized colors. But they are more prone to corrosion and softer. To solve this problem, we use high-end alloy nipples with raised heads to increase shear strength and excellent threaded joints.

But What is the carbon fiber material?

Do you know the process of the carbon fiber rims?

What is carbon fiber?

Carbon fiber have originated in the aerospace industry. It is made of loose fibers composed of carbon atoms, which are then suspended in resin to form a solid material. Carbon fiber is a fiber with a diameter of about 5 to 10 microns, mainly composed of carbon atoms.

Carbon fiber rims is consist of two components: carbon fiber and epoxy resin. When forming a carbon fiber wheel, the pre-impregnated carbon fiber sheet have placed in the mold. Prepreg is coarse carbon fiber impregnated with epoxy resin. Carbon fiber has many advantages: high stiffness, low weight, high chemical resistance. It also have high tensile strength, high temperature resistance and low thermal expansion.

The process of manufacturing carbon rim:

Use carbon fiber materials and air bladders incoming. And as well as special material air bladders, to make the rim wall smoother;

Use DSC tester to detect physical properties;

Store in refrigeration equipment to maintain the activity of the resin;

Prepreg cutting, cut into the required angle and shape;

Precise layup and pre-molding. Each rim has its own layup schedule file, carefully crafted by experienced layup workers

Hot press molding, PC hydraulic molding machine controlled by pressure, temperature and time;

Quality control of raw finish rim (QC-1);

Take out the air bladders through the valve hole with a unique process

Use a PC-controlled drilling machine to drill in the 4D direction;

Quality control (QC-2), inspection and testing;

Smooth, surface treatment by experienced workers;

Paintings and decals;

Quality inspection (QC-3), 100% quality check and recorded in the database, every carbon fiber rim has a unique series ID number;

Packaging, each carbon fiber wheel is packed in a special foam bag;More details of our carbon rims procession, pls have a look at our carbon wheels procession blog.
And the carbon procession video, pls click have a look at our carbon rim process video.

Here have some good suggestions for the first-time buyers.

About the carbon fiber rims:

The low profile carbon rims is good for climbing. If you are finding a balance between aerodynamics, weight and stiffness. The 38mm Carbon Fiber Tubeless Rims 700C 25mm Width Road Cycle Rim is good choice for you. Or you can choose the new arrival Wholesale carbon rims 45mm 700C road bicycle wheelsets 25mm width. This is in high-performance.
For experienced bicycle handlers and larger riders or the riders who want in high aerodynamic, have a look at the 88mm Carbon Rims 700C Tubeless Road Bike.

About the carbon wheelsets:

Riders who want the carbon wheelset, can have a look at the below ones.
Our 50mm tubeless carbon wheel and 50mm carbon tubular wheel are all in great warmly welcomed. The 50mm deep profile create a fast-rolling, strong and efficient wheel.
The carbon wheel has equipped with our new design huami hub, want to upgrade the wheel contact us. Our skilled wheel manufacturer can upgrade the spokes to Sapim’s top CX-Ray spokes. This can ensure strength and rigidity. The hub can choose the smooth DT Swiss 240 hub to convert energy into pure speed. Tell us your requirements, then we will create the perfect wheel for you.

About the carbon mtb rims:

The MTB carbon rims Mountain bikes are bicycles specially designed for cross-country. Besides,they have the characteristics of high rigidity and flexible walking. The mountain bicycle rims have XC,Trail,Enduro,Downhill,Plus type etc. We have supplied 27.5er mtb carbon rim and 29er carbon rims in different versions. Choose the one you prefer then tell me the hub and spoke you like. Then we will make the custom carbon wheels for you.
We understand that no two riders are the same. So when assembling a wheel that meets your specific requirements, we celebrate the opportunity to customize a wheel to take your riding to the absolute limit. The wheel is a key part of any road bike setup. They are the only point of contact on the road and are your feedback on the future journey. We make custom wheels that you can trust again and again.
Hope this manual is helpful. If you need any help when buying a wheel set, please leave a message or send an email to us ([email protected]), and our sales team will reply within 24 hours.