Custom Carbon Wheelset 700C for Gravel

Custom carbon wheelset 700C is the current trend. The relatively new type combines the off-road capabilities and versatility of off-road hardtails with the simplicity. Speed and aerodynamics of road bikes to create a whole new riding experience. Whether you are pedaling at top speed on gravel, taking epic trips on bumpy trails, hiking on light terrain, cycling or making your commute more dynamic: gravel bikes are true all-rounders. Custom wheels can further enhance your overall riding experience. You can use mountain bike or road bike components-or rely on more and more gravel-specific components. If you have a problem, we will tell you what you need to pay attention to.

What are the advantages of the gravel bicycle used for custom carbon wheelset 700C?

Although the number of pure gravel wheelsets from reputable manufacturers continues to increase. There may be many reasons for making custom wheelsets. Many cyclists just like to pick every part of their dream bike by themselves. Technically, DIY can have its advantages, especially for out-of-the-box thinkers with specific preferences. After all, there are hardly any components that have such a big impact on the handling of a bicycle like a wheel.

custom-carbon-wheelsWheel size: 650B or 700C

The most important issue you may face is wheel size. In addition to custom carbon wheelset 700C, we also have 650B to choose from.

Many modern gravel bicycles allow the use of 650B and 700C wheels. The 650B corresponds to 27.5 inches in the mountain bike world and is used for tires with an ETRTO of 584 mm. The classic road bike wheelset size 700C corresponds to 28 inches in the road world, or 29 inches in the mountain bike world. And is use for tires with an ETRTO of 622 mm. Smaller wheels are more flexible and usually allow wider tires-this is not only good for off-road use. However, to a certain extent, you also rely heavily on the use of mountain bikes or gravel rims. Road bike components in the 650B are rare, but for older siblings, the situation is different. Here, you can purchase (29 inches) mountain bike racks and (700C/28 inches) road bike series products by yourself. Such as: 60mm Carbon Tubular Wheel 25mm Width, 55mm Carbon Wheelset 700C ect.

Bigger wheels roll better and can maintain speed. However, many frames of this size have lower tire clearance, and larger wheels are usually heavier or more curved than smaller wheels in the same class. However, the exciting thing is that if your bike allows two wheel sizes to use out of the box, you can use a second or new wheel set to fundamentally change its characteristics for a long time after purchase. For example, for slightly smaller wheels, the bottom bracket of the bicycle moves slightly downwards, which improves cornering but reduces ground clearance when off-road.

Finally, learn about your custom wheels

Before customizing your carbon fiber wheels, you need to understand carbon fiber materials and understand our customization process. Click here to learn about the production process of our team. We will also share the knowledge about customized carbon wheel set 700C on ins. If you are interested, please follow it.

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