Fat Carbon Bicycle Wheels Guide


This article will to teach you how to buy fat carbon bicycle wheels. You will know how to choose the fat carbon bicycle wheels that suits you.

If you are looking for a carbon wheel for your fat bike online. You will find a large selection and a wealth of options. This can be confusing when you first start viewing. Before you start, you need to understand some important details so that you can find your new fat bicycle wheels more easily.

fat-bicycle-wheels1.Choose the right fat bicycle wheel width

Fat bicycle wheels go through various iterations of hub width. With the popularity of fat bikes, manufacturers began to produce dedicated fat bike hubs and fat bike frames to support these new hub standards.

The biggest game changer is the steering shaft. The barrel axle better supports the weight of the huge wheel. It is possible to break the quick release shaft that previously fixed the fat bicycle wheel. After turning to the barrel axle, it is discover that most fat bicycles now use a 15mm x 150 mm front axle.

2.Fat bicycle rim material

When you consider buying fat bike wheels, fat bike rims are also an important factor. A good rim can help you ride more smoothly and make your fat bicycle wheels last longer.

Fat bicycle rims are often made of aluminum or carbon fiber.

You may think that you will stick to the tubular without worrying about setting up a tubeless tire. However, this has also brought a series of problems. Under low pressure, you need to ride a fat bike. You will find that you are likely to caught. Changing the inner tube and pumping up the tires on a fat bike is not fun.

However, there is now a solution-carbon fiber rims. These rims will be lighter and stronger than most aluminum rims. They also do not have cuts, making it easier for them to apply tape to set the tubeless tube. Lighter weight is very good, and the convenience of setting up tubeless tires is even better. You can buy fat bike carbon rims online.

Our recommendations: 38mm Carbon Rims Asymmetric 2.5mm Clincher/Tubuless Ready 700C.

3.Number of spokes of fat bicycle wheels

The spokes are an important part of the wheel set and affect the performance of the whole wheel set.

In general, lighter mountain wheels usually run 24-28 spokes per wheel, stronger off-road or all-mountain wheels may use 28 spokes, and the strongest wheel system usually uses 32 spokes. These numbers are not set in stone, but in general, more spokes means stronger.

So when buying a fat carbon bicycle wheelset, you need to know the number of spokes, that is, the number of holes. The more spokes, the stronger the bicycle wheelset.


Now you can avoid the trap of buying the wrong size wheel for your fat bike, and you can also quickly and easily ensure that you get the right rim width for your tires. The only thing to do now is to figure out whether you can afford aluminum or carbon fiber rims. Using carbon fiber will be lighter, easier to set up tubeless, and bring you a better riding feeling, so I recommend using carbon wheels.

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