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Undeniably, owning a set of full carbon wheels 700C is a pleasure. But in the face of so many technical terms, such as rim profile, speed number and Chinese carbon wheels. So many choices, and so many specifications of carbon wheels. You need to have a certain understanding. At the same time, before upgrading to a new set of carbon fiber clinchers, you need to consider the following 4 things.

Depth-how deep is your rim profile

Merely having the deepest carbon fiber wheels does not make you the fastest on the road. Although we cannot say that it does make you look cool. The general rule is that the deeper the wheel, the better the aerodynamics, but there are many exceptions to this generalization. In addition to common variables, such as the steepness of the climb and yaw angles. You must also consider the weight of the rider and how much energy they usually produce on a flat surface. If the wheels you ride are too deep for your weight. It may affect your steering ability and maneuverability.

Generally speaking, a 38 mm deep low-profile wheel is an all-around wheel design to agile in sprints and hard enough to respond when climbing hills. The 60mm mid-size wheels are design to improve aerodynamics while maintaining cruising speed. The 88 mm deep-section wheels are designed for one thing only: get from point A to point B as quickly as possible.

rim-profileWidth-check your tire clearance before use full carbon wheels 700C

Wider rims help to make the tire profile wider, which helps reduce rolling resistance and make the ride more comfortable. What most cyclists forget to think about is how wider tires affect the tire clearance on the frame and fork. Some older frames have very narrow tire gaps on the chainstay and seatstay. Wider rims always increase the width of the tire by a few millimeters. 700 X 25C tires (tyres with a width of 25 mm) are often as high as 27 mm or 28 mm on wider rims. Always measure the clearance of the front fork, seat rear fork and chainstay to ensure that your new wheel and tire combination fits your bike!

Compatibility of carbon wheels 700C

If you have ridden a mountain bike in the past year, you will notice various sizes: supercharged, unsupercharged, 15mm thru axle, 12mm thru axle, etc. Many sizes have been designed. Although the size of road bikes is relatively the same as that of bicycles, the introduction of disc brakes into the boom scene adds a lot of hub size to the discipline.

So, make sure that the bicycle wheels you plan to buy are compatible with the bicycles you own!

Speed ​​number

Although most wheels are compatible with 10-speed and 11-speed hub flywheels. It does not hurt to double-check whether the wheel you plan to buy fits the flywheel body you have.

We can also recommend some good wheels for you: 30mm Carbon Clincher Wheelset 700C. 38mm Chinese Carbon Wheels 25mm Width.

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