Full Carbon wheelset 700C–why choose it?


Full carbon wheelset 700C is a good choice for road bike.

The full carbon wheelset 700C is arguably the most important part of a road bike. Compared with any other bicycle parts, the wheels can determine the winners or losers of the race.

Weight is important in cycling, no matter for amateur riders or professional riders. Every grams is all important for the carbon bicycle wheels. Extra mass on the rims increases the rotational weight, then it will exaggerate its impact. Besides, the carbon wheel is also one of the most difficult parts of the road bike. It needs to withstand the harshest roads. Therefore, carbon fiber has always been a major breakthrough in cycling-combining low weight with stiffness and strength.

Different types of the carbon road bike wheelset.

Apart from your health, another major factor affecting your riding speed is the aerodynamic performance of your bike. The deep section rim passes through the air, reducing drag compared to the low section version. However, they are a bit heavier than the low carbon rims. And if you are riding in strong crosswinds, the low carbon rims will be better for you.

Some riders may consider directly with rim brake or disc brake according to the frame and the types of the tires used in the wheel design. The carbon clincher rims which has work with a tire and inner tube combination, they are still the most common form. However, now the carbon tubeless wheel have become more and more popular.

How to choose the best suitable full carbon wheelset 700C?

Our lightweight carbon wheels material is full carbon fiber Toray T700 & T800. The rims have made from a single mold. So the structure is light, strong, durable. Click here for more carbon rim production process. Besides, the airbag is carefully removed through the spoke holes instead of being cut. The rim has specially designed and optimized for disc brakes and wider tires. The rims has a large internal width of 21mm. Which significantly improves the support and aerodynamic performance of the tire sidewall. Our carbon fiber wheels are available in different depths, 20/30/35/38/45mmm/50/60/88mm etc.

The low profile carbon rims 30mm 35mm carbon wheels are our lighter wheels, which is perfect for climbing. The new arrival 45mm carbon wheels provide balanced aerodynamic gain and lightweight. And the 50mm carbon wheelset is our fastest wheel. Moreover, its speed has maintain well. If you want more aerodynamic wheel, you can choose 60mm carbon front and 88mm carbon rear wheel. Our wheels have carefully designed to withstand the pressure of road and gravel riding.


Upgrading your road bike with carbon wheelset 700C.

The wheel is a good upgrade. Because the spare wheel that comes with the bike is usually heavy and can negatively affect your performance. The Lighter carbon wheelset have less rolling resistance, which means you can run faster without even trying. The best carbon fiber wheels will shorten your timekeeping. And time is really essential for racers.

Our carbon bicycle wheel is 100% handmade. Which can turn to a good bike into a great bike. Moreover, if you upgrade the frame later, you can easily use same wheels.


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