Gravel carbon wheel-which one is suit for you


Which gravel carbon wheel is best? What is the difference between 700c and 650b gravel carbon wheels? Why are both suitable for gravel bikes? Which one would you choose when riding on gravel? If you have ever had these problems, then this article is for you. We will share some knowledge about the difference between 700c and 650b to help you better choose the right carbon fiber sparkle wheelset for you.

carbon-wheelsWhat do 700c and 650b carbon wheel mean?

In short, wheel size. The diameter of the bead seat on the 700c carbon wheel is 622 mm, and the diameter of the bead seat on the 650b carbon wheel is 584 mm.

Are 700c and 650b carbon wheels suitable for Carbon Gravel wheel?

Most gravel bicycles accept 700c and 650b gravel wheels. This is different from mountain biking. Mountain bikes are usually one size, 29er or 27.5. The same is true for road bikes. All road bikes are usually 700c, and some old bikes are 650c. However, the wheels between these bicycles are not interchangeable.

The main difference between choosing 700c and 650b Gravel Carbon Wheel.


When considering the choice of wheels, it is important to first consider the bicycle. The gravel bike is more like a road bike than a mountain bike, so it has no suspension. Any vibration management must come from the tires and frame. This is the key factor in deciding which wheel is the best. The larger the tire, the better the shock absorption effect. Therefore, terrain is a key factor when deciding which wheel to choose.

Gravel type

The type of gravel is also important. The gravel can be large or small, loose or wrapped, dry or wet, and even viscous. The more like the road, you can choose 700c with smaller tires. You can change the tread according to the terrain. The looser, larger, wetter, and/or stickier shimmering stones are, the more you may be inclined to use larger tires and 650b.

Which one is best for you, 700c or 650b gravel wheel?

It depends on the terrain you are riding. The different terrain means different choices.

It also depends on your activity. 700c carbon wheels are faster than 650b carbon wheels. If you are after speed, then wheels like 30mm Carbon Clincher Wheelset 700C or 30mm Carbon Wheels 700C Clincher Tubeless Ready are your best choice.

If you are a knowledgeable amateur and hope that the grip of the bicycle is strong enough to bring you a good riding experience, then 650b carbon wheels are a good choice.

Final thoughts

Professional gravel riders will be equipped with two sets of carbon wheels with tires to match the type of terrain. If you only need one set of carbon wheels, I would recommend you to choose 700c wheels, especially when riding on the road. For those who are accustomed to riding on rugged terrain or mountainous terrain, the 650b wheelset is more suitable. We also recommend that you check out our 700C and 650B models of wheels. The product design has a deep profile to improve aerodynamic efficiency, and the internal rim width is wider to provide excellent rolling resistance.

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