Gravel carbon wheels: pick the best one for you


Gravel carbon wheels are all the rage. From deeper nature to avoiding traffic and inattentive drivers. More and more cyclists choose to add gravel to their riding style. Let’s face it, it’s fun to ride gravel. As a newer bicycle niche market, few companies specialize in making bicycle wheels for gravel and adventure bicycles. This guide is designed to help you find the best grinding carbon wheelset for your specific needs.

carbon-wheelsWhat is a gravel wheelset?

By definition, a gravel wheel set is just a set of bicycle wheels that ride on an unpaved gravel road. However, as you will soon see, all gravel wheelsets are different. Some are tailored specifically for the subject and have obvious advantages.

How to choose the best gravel bicycle wheel

First, do I need gravel bike wheels or can I just use MTB wheels or road bike wheels? You can, but should you? Read on to learn why specific wheels designed for gravel tires are a better choice.

Why don’t riders of gravel choose road bike wheelsets

Road bike wheels perform best when designed for narrower tires (usually in the 28 mm range). For most gravel riding, 28 mm tires are too narrow to provide a comfortable riding experience, and a tire blowout is inevitable. Gravel riders usually use wider tires (32 mm to 50 mm, but most people usually settle down between 38-42 mm.)

Gravel wheels usually also have a wider inner rim width to accommodate these wider tires (tyres). These wider rims allow for a larger contact area (the amount of tire contact surface, whether it is gravel or tarmac), thereby increasing traction.

Gravel bicycle carbon wheels can accommodate gravel tires, making the tire pressure significantly lower than most road wheels. This means that the tire can absorb more vibration gravel delivery. Making the wheels faster and more comfortable. Faster because the flexibility of the tires allows less vertical up and down travel during riding (technically, this requires the cyclist to have a greater distance) and is more comfortable because all the vibrations are not transmitted to the rider.

Is the gravel bike the only bike you need?

This depends on. If you plan to use a single bike for exercise, cycling and commuting on multiple terrains, gravel bikes are the best choice. However, if you plan to participate in road races, crit races, time trials or triathlon races, then you may need more bikes for specific disciplines. But if we can only buy a bicycle, then you can consider a carbon fiber scintillation bicycle.

Are carbon fiber gravel bicycle faster than mountain bikes?

It all depends on the terrain. In addition to the harshest conditions, gravel bikes will be faster than mountain bikes due to weight, aerodynamics and geometry. For aggressive monorails and downhills, the additional suspension of mountain bikes will make them faster.

What is the size of the gravel bicycle wheel?

Gravel bicycle wheels are 700c or 650b. If you use disc brakes, almost every frame can accept wheels of any size. You can read more details about 650 or 700c carbon fiber wheels.


The 700C series of carbon fiber wheels include: 700C Carbon wheelset 50mm Tubular UD Matte, 60mm Carbon Wheelset 700C 25mm Clincher UD Matte etc.

If you are interested, you can click on the link to browse.

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