Gravel Chinese carbon wheel–Guider to choose.


Why Gravel Chinese carbon wheel is popular.

Riding on the mud or gravel road or trails, the gravel Chinese carbon wheel becoming popular and new. A good set of carbon gravel bicycle wheels will provide you with better speed, control, handling, confidence, and comfort than road bicycle wheels. In addition, the carbon gravel wheel are light in weight, fast in meshing speed, and costly. But they can double as climbing or all-round wheels on our road bikes.

The guider to choose the suitable carbon gravel wheelset.

  • Rim width

The ideal gravel carbon rim is wider than the typical road rim. Gravel riding means different things to different riding. But usually requires at least 28mm wide tires, the most common is 35 to 50mm. Normally the wider carbon rims work best with wider tires. And it provides your tires with a better profile with more volume. And it gives your tires a better contour, larger volume, and fewer “bulb” shapes. This happens when the tire is significantly wider than the rim.

If you want to buy a new carbon gravel wheel, there are no hard and fast rules. However, we recommend that you look at rims with an internal width of at least 20mm, preferably a wider rim.

  • Carbon gravel wheel size 700C or 650B


Most gravel bikes accept 700C, the standard road size or actual rim diameter equal to 29 inch mountain bike rim. Or smaller 650B wheel, actual rim diameter equal to 27.5 inch mountain bike rim. Many frame sets have designed to accept both two sizes. If you choose 650B, you can choose to install wider tires. This is effective because the rolling diameter of a fat 650B tire is similar to the rolling diameter of a 700C wheel with a narrower tire.

That being said, you can not assume that both sizes apply. The frame set specifically designed for the 700c wheel set can accommodate a thick 650bs diameter. But there is a lack of clearance for the width of the tire at the stay or fork. So it is best to follow the manufacturer’s suggestions here to avoid costly disappointments.

Wheel size depends largely on personal preference, but if you are not sure which way to go, consider what size tires you are most likely to use on your bicycle.

If your gravel ride is more “highway”, you may need tires below 40mm in order to work well on asphalt and off roads. Wnat to know more of our carbon wheels, you can also visit our facebook.

  • Tubeless tyre compatibility

Buying a new carbon gravel wheelset, you can at least choose tubeless, even if you don’t plan to do it initially. Tubeless adds complexity to the setup phase, but provides real benefits in terms of riding. You can use lower pressure to gain grip and comfort without the risk of a tire blowout. Besides, sealant will deal with smaller punctures. Many wheels will come standard with tubeless valves and tape, but if not, you will need to budget for them.

  • Weight and durability

In addition to having wider rims, wheels designed primarily for gravel may be stronger than road wheels, although this is a generalization.

They may have a higher number of spokes, and some manufacturers will choose better sealed hubs and/or larger bearings to improve durability. If you plan to make your gravel bike muddy and wet, ultra-light road wheels are not the best choice.

Therefore, dedicated gravel wheelsets tend to be heavier than road wheelsets. Though the difference may not be significant in the scheme of things.



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