Hook Rims vs.Hookless Rims


Do you know the difference between carbon hooked and hookless rims? Do you know the advantages and disadvantages?

The difference between hooked and hookless rims

The definition and description of hooked and hookless rims are self-explanatory. A hooked rim has a hook on the hooked edge. A rim called “no hook” does not contain a hook.

Why are there hooks on the bicycle rim?

Car and motorcycle tires can stand. However, bicycle tires tend to collapse on their own. The thinner outer shell of bicycle tires allows the tire to stretch under pressure. Although this reduces weight, it causes the tire to burst under high pressure. To prevent a puncture. Add hooks to the rim to hold the tire in place.

Today, hooks still provide tire stability and retention. Especially under higher pressure.

Why is hookless became an option?

  1. Technology development

Today’s tire technology allows folding tires to be manufactured without fear of punctures. However, it is important to note that this only applies to some tires. In addition, it also has a lot to do with the wheel/tire relationship.

  1. Reduce manufacturing costs

Another reason is cost. Because the manufacturing cost of hookless rims is lower. There are fewer materials and labor involved. Therefore, the cost is reduced. This is why some manufacturers promote the use of hookless rims. If you choose to buy rims without hooks. Be sure to consider why you should choose a hookless rim.

Mountain bike rims

How about the rims of mountain bikes? Mountain bikes have adopted hookless rims a long time ago. I believe most cyclists will agree. The needs of mountain biking are very different from road cycling. Mountain bike rims are lighter and wider. And have different edges to withstand the impact. The tires are also different, which is also an important factor in the unhooked work of the rim. Mountain bike tires are usually harder. The key factor is the need for a much lower inflation pressure. Lower pressure helps in many ways. And in this case. The risk of you being blown away is low.


How about hookless rims and road rims and gravel rims?

Hookless rims are suitable for mountain bikes. Because mountain bikes need low tire pressure. Just as there is a carbon tubeless rim in carbon rims 700c. But what about road rims and gravel rims? Use higher pressure on roads and gravel rims. Because this can cause a puncture problem. In addition, tubeless tires and hookless rims for road bikes are not as advanced as mountain bikes. This means that the number of road tires you can safely drive on hookless rims is limited.

Our recommendation

We think if you buy mountain bike rims. Hookless is a good choice. For road rims, we strongly recommend rims with hooks. So that you can buy wheels designed around fast tires without restrictions.


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