How To Choose The Suitable Carbon Road Rims 700c

[vc_row][vc_column][s7upf_information]Nowadays, carbon fiber materials have emerged in various sophisticated scientific, technological, sports activities.We are most familiar with the projects of aerospace technology, motor sports and bicycle sports.Then,the lightweight,impact-resistant and special shape of carbon fiber materials catch more and more riders’ attention.If you want to gradually upgrade your bicycle to a carbon fiber bike.The first step is to replace the carbon fiber wheels,such as road bike carbon rims 700c.

In the dazzling carbon rim market, how do you choose suitable one for you?What are the tips that only professionals know? Today, we,Huami will answer it for you.

1.Strong and stiffness

Firstly, many riders worries about the quality of the rim when they buy it. Some riders believe customized carbon rims aren’t as reliable as aluminum alloys. Theoretically, carbon rims have high strength and rigidity.We can eliminate the concerns about that.Our road carbon rims uk,for your conference.

2.Light weight

Second, because the main feature of carbon rims is light weight.Riders always require lighter weight when choosing Chinese carbon rims.

According to the stacked structure, a lightweight version of carbon rims can be produced separately.But based on the lightweight version, reducing the weight,then break it’s safety guarantee.So it’s strength isn’t enough, the brake side is easy to explode.Our carbon road bike rims ,for your conference.

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3.Spokes and hubs

Third, about the spokes and hubs.

For road riding, normal spokes are ok, such as 1432 and 1423.Then it can be selected with a more economical hubs.

To cyclist,playing for a long time,it is best to have a high-end hub. The more common hubs are DT,Novatec,Chrisking and so on.While with 1420 and Sapim Cxray, the spokes are lighter, thinner, and strong.

You can advise the factory to drill the customized angled for spoke holes. In this way, the spokes aren’t easy to break.And the force is even. The wheel set has a longer service life.Of course,affording you some road carbon rims for conference.


Fourth, there are aluminum nipples and copper nipples. Aluminum nipples are lighter in weight compared with Copper. Most of customers choose that. Copper nipples are relatively heavier than Aluminum nipples. But copper nipples can withstand higher tension than aluminum nipples. The higher pulling force allows the wheels to have better rigidity in the power transmission.

5.Good protection,Brake pad

Fifth, the brake pads are point. A good brake pad can protect the brake side of the rim.

Above are some points that need to be considered.When purchasing carbon fiber rims.

If you wanna know more about carbon road rims 700c.Following Huami and push it regularly for you.[/s7upf_information][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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