Lightweight Carbon Bicycle-Check and Use

When the sun starts to shine and the trail begins to move towards optimal conditions, you may be tempted to take your lightweight carbon bicycles from the warehouse. Your enthusiasm is understandable, but you may want to take a moment to take a good look at your bicycle. Such as carbon rims(like 29 carbon rims), carbon wheels and other components, before you go out, so as not to encounter completely preventable problems.

carbon-bicycleBut what should you look at?

Tire of carbon bicycle

You want to make sure that your tires have a lifespan. If they break or have their handles hanging off, is time to consider a new set of tires. If they wear out and the tread looks like a city bike, you also need to consider buying some new rubber.

You also need to look for any bald spots or debris stuck in the tire. If you do a tubeless run before pulling out the debris, it is best to fill up with tubeless sealant. Now set the tire to the pressure of your choice.

Wheel of carbon bicycle

Turn your wheels, are they still absolutely correct? A good carbon wheelset should not move laterally or jump up and down. When you spin the wheel, the hub or free hub does not feel rough, and there is no left-to-right play in the hub. You also need to make sure you have the correct number of spokes. Then you want to make sure that none of them are loose, so squeeze them and you can get a rough idea. It’s best to use spoke tensiometers, but most of us don’t put them in our kits.

You also need to check your rims. And you will look for any small cracks, or larger cracks. You will find that these are most likely to be located where the spoke joint enters the rim. Check your tape and make sure your gears are not excessively worn. You also want to try a chain checker on your chain and make sure you don’t need to change the chain. Does your chain also need lubrication? Good components can add strength to your bicycle, such as 29 carbon rims. 29 carbon rim is a new bloodline of mountain bikes. Such as: 29 Carbon Rims MTB 33mm Width, Light 29 Carbon Rims XC Hookless Tubeless etc.


When you spin the wheel directly above, do you notice that the brakes are rubbing? Now, we could have performed the inspection above, but it is better to establish a routine to check the brakes and the wheels separately, which is a good part of the routine.

Any wear may mean that your brake calipers need to realign, or your rotor needs to straighten. Look for any side-to-side movement in the rotor. Straightening the rotor is also easier than you think.

Rear shock

If you have a shock absorber, please check it and its mounting parts. Can the impact travel through its stroke easily? Make sure that the electric shock is not damage. Make sure to set it to the correct PSI setting, did you write it down when you initially set up the bicycle? Whether there is any side clearance in the bushing or bearing where it is installed on the frame. Then make sure that none of your connecting rods are broken or bent.

And the seatpost, rack, fork, etc. need to check it.

After checking, you can ride your lightweight carbon bicycle with confidence.

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