Lightweight Carbon Wheelset 700C Manufacturer

When you are riding, the lightweight carbon wheelsets 700C definitely has a unique feel. Does bicycle weight really matter? This question is that most cyclists are very interested. Many carbon wheel manufacturers have also undergone continuous testing in order to develop better products.

There is an important part: the wheels. The wheel set is the best part to reduce the weight of the bicycle.

Lightweight carbon wheels

If you want to reduce the weight of your bicycle, the best place is your wheels. Reduce the rotation weight to make pedaling, accelerating and climbing becomes easier. This is good for me, because climbing is my weakness. In addition, professional racers like to replace the ultra-light wheels during the large-scale climbing phase of the car race. So obviously, if you want better crosswind handling and climbing then the 38mm carbon wheelset 700C is perfect for you. At the same time, the lightweight carbon wheelset 700C also has good rigidity.

Perhaps, wheel inspection is not as important as we think, according to your driving speed and terrain, lighter aerodynamic carbon

Wheels may actually be a faster choice. The 55mm or 60mm Chinese carbon wheels is perfect for you. It is good aerodynamics and strength.


Now, many carbon wheel manufacturers have tested this. For me, on my bike, riding on my local terrain, for me, on my bike, lightweight or aerodynamic Will carbon wheels be faster? So let’s do some tests to see if the lightweight carbon wheelset 700C is faster in one of my regular ascents, and if so, how much faster.

For this test is to climb six times, three times for each wheel, and then calculate the average time for each wheel. To be as consistent as possible, I will observe my power meter and try to maintain an average power of 250 watts. 250 is an easily repeatable number below my threshold, but still enough to replicate what I would do in a normal ride. I also try to make my body posture, rhythm and every climb as similar as possible.

Obviously, this is not hard science, and there are still many details that can be picky. In most cases, all this is for testing results. What matters is the actual riding feel of the wheels. I really want to know how the light carbon wheels feel different from the aerodynamic wheels during this climb, especially when you are riding. So let’s start cycling and find out!

Final thought

The results may not be surprising-in fact, the lightweight carbon wheelset was faster in this climb. However, what surprised me was how fast they were.

Interestingly, I would never have guessed that lightweight carbon wheels would be so fast if it had not been tested.

There are also some recommended lightweight carbon wheels 700C series: 50mm Carbon Wheel Asymmetric Clincher 700C Lightweight, Chinese Carbon Wheel 50mm Clincher 700C Lightweight etc.

In general, I am very satisfied with my test results. It is very simple to execute and provides very clear results that are easy to explain. I really want to know how the results will change at higher speeds and power output. Maybe I can do every climb at 275 watts or 300 watts.

If I move faster, will the aerodynamics of the deeper wheels have a greater impact? In addition, if I conduct a similar test on a flat road, how much time will the pneumatic wheels save? I will have to save these questions for future testing. At present, when the road slopes upwards, lightweight carbon wheelsets 700C is the best choice.

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