Mountain bike carbon rims impact of manipulation


The choice of mountain bike carbon rims diameter has always been a controversial issue. Today in 2020. 29er rims diameters are fully popularized among models of various strengths. What can increasingly larger wheel diameters bring to us. And what will we lose? What role does the emergence of carbon fiber 29er rims have. Will they become the trend of the future? Let’s enter today’s sharing…

Carbon fiber models with 27.5er rims diameters are fully popularized. And 29er rims diameters will gradually become popular in 2020.

With the passage of time. More and more 29er mountain bikes with large rims came out. And the 29er downhill also appeared in the World Cup in 2017. There is now a reduction in the participation of 27.5er models in the professional arena.

Let’s first take a look at what is the difference between 29er and 27.5er.

29er-carbon-rims1.Passability of mountain bike carbon rims

The carbon fiber mountain rim faces a racetrack full of technical points. Passability is an important performance. And the wheel diameter is a key factor affecting this performance. And the larger the wheel diameter. The better the passability. Before explaining why. We needs to introduce a concept-the angle of attack.

The angle of attack refers to the angle between the contact point of the wheelset and the disorder and the formed contact place. The smaller the angle of attack. And the better the passability. 29er angle of attack less than 27.5er. Therefore, 29er has better passability.

Besides, how does this affect the actual riding experience? It’s very simple. So when faced with technical points such as rocks and tree roots. It is more relaxed and calm.

Therefore, the passability of the 29er rim is a very important improvement.

2.Speed ​​maintenance ability and acceleration ability

The weight distribution and rotation quality of the wheels determine this characteristic. The 27.5er has better acceleration ability. But the speed maintenance ability is poor. On the contrary, the 29er has poor acceleration ability and strong speed maintenance ability.

Because the weight of the tires. Rims and spokes are away from the wheel axis. And the weight of the tires, rims and spokes is relatively lighter. The 27.5er has lower rotating mass and higher acceleration. In short, the acceleration performance is better. But the speed retention ability is relatively poor.

29er is the opposite. It can be compared to the high and low profile rims on a road bike. In a word, 27.5er is a low profile rim. And 29er is a high profile rim.


At this point, there is no doubt that the 27.5er is more agile. And the 29er is a little clumsy especially when dealing with sharp bends.

What is a carbon fiber 29er rim bicycle?

29er is used for recreational and competitive mountain biking subjects and competitions.

29-inch mountain bikes are one of the most popular types of mountain bikes. And have gradually become the first choice of many professional mountain bike riders.

Although the 29er is very suitable for intense competitive cycling. In addition, amateur riders and mountain bike novices can benefit from its increased traction and stability.

To sum up, 29er has a wide range of functions. It’s hard to find terrain that the 29er can’t handle. It makes them a great choice for cyclists who want to ride a variety of MTB events. For example: Lightweight 29 Carbon Rims 37mm Width 25mm Depth. 29 Carbon Rims MTB 33mm Width 25mm Depth etc.

If you are considering replacing your bike with mountain bike carbon rims. Consider 29er carbon fiber rims.

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