OEM & ODM Carbon fiber products

Our factory has more than 10 years experience carbon composite application experiences. We have world-class carbon fiber manufacturing and product development techniques. We accept OEM/ODM carbon fiber products customization according to the customer’s requirements. Assisting the customers to realized their design, product development, quality testing and manufacturing needs.

OEM carbon fiber products ordering detail process.

Step 1: If you have the following information to communicate

You have the products pictures for reference
You have the handmade model to send us to copy
You have the products technical drawing to turn the design into reality
You have the initial ideas of a project and we discuss details together
If you have one of above information, you can contact us, we will reply you within 24 hours. We will consider your request and share our ideas to clarify every details and make the initial design more functional. After we will provide 2D or 3D technical drawing to you for reference and confirmation. Then you confirm the technical drawing.

Step 2: Quotation

When everything confirm and agree, we will evaluate the mould cost according to the approved drawing.
Communicate about the quotation details, such as the material, stiffness, weight, surface treatment, quantity, logo, delivery time etc.
Offer a reasonable mould price and the sample price according to your confirmed information. When you have bulk order in future and the order has reached a certain quantity, we will refund you a certain percentage of the mould cost.

Step 3: Sign the contract and make the payment of mould/sample cost.

Double confirm again, all the matters have come to an agreement, we sign the contract.
We confirm sample delivery time, payment method etc. After we send the Performal Invoice and you make the payment mould/sample cost.

Step 4: Opening the mould and make the sample

Making the mould according to the confirming 2D or 3D technical drawing.
Making the samples, having all the performances to test in our lab, when the test has passed, we will send the sample to you to confirm. You provides the comments of the samples.
After if necessary, we revised the drawing, modify the mould and the production process/technique again.
After 2-3 times communication and improvement, you confirm or signs the sample.

Step 5: Confirm the first formal order and make the deposit of the order

After the sample have confirmed and it is acceptable, we confirm the first formal order.
You make the deposit of the order.

Step 6: Start Production

We will establish the product file in our database with the signed sample.
According to the final test samples, we will prepare the material then start the production process. Besides, we will strive to complete the order production in shortest possible time.

Step 7: Quality control and inspection.

Quality control will always accompany the entire production process, from purchasing materials to finish the product package. We focus on and pay attention every detail.
When the production is finished, all products will have 100% quality inspected and recorded in the database. Each product has a unique ID number, which allows us to provide the highest quality products and track each one to ensure the best after-sales service.

Step 8: Balance payment and Shipping

We will notice you 3-5 days before finishing the package in our factory. Confirm the shipping method and cost for your check. After you make the balance payment.
We make the shipping for you.

Step 9: Feedback

Follow up the order feedback on product quality and follow-up services to understand how to improve in future new collaborations.