Offset carbon wheelset 700C- All you need to know


With the increasing demand for wider, stronger, and strength road bike and gravel bike wheels. Our factory continues to introduce innovations in our wheel manufacturing process. And we provided new products that meet customer needs. In this blog post, we will introduce our new offset carbon wheelset 700C series. Which is perfect for comfortable road bikes and gravel adventure riding.

In order to help you better understand the asymmetric carbon wheels, we will answer the following questions:

  • What is an offset carbon wheel?
  • What are the benefits of carbon offset wheels?
  • The specifications of carbon offset wheels.

Do you know about the offset carbon wheelset ?

Offset carbon wheelset 700C are wheels with asymmetrical contours. Which are different from ordinary bicycle wheels because their spoke holes are offset from the center of the rim.

Initially, offset wheels were first used for mountain bikes. And they are now more and more commonly used for road bikes and gravel bikes.


The benefits of carbon asymmetric wheels:

The asymmetrical rim profile can improve the support angle of the disc-shaped wheel. Besides it can better balance the spoke tension between the driving and non-driving sides of the wheel. The most important is it brings many benefits to the offset wheel.

  1. The asymmetric carbon wheel is more durable.

Compared to a conventional symmetrical wheel, the spokes in the offset wheel will be at a higher tension. So the offset wheel requires less refinishing. When the spoke tension is even, the spokes on the driving side will not loosen over time.

  1. Increase lateral stiffness and vertical compliance

The lateral wheel stiffness have higly improved by reducing the severity of the spoke angle.

While also improving vertical compliance to enhance control.

  1. Wider carbon rims:

The new carbon offset wheel also has a wider rim width: 25mm. The wider carbon rims have a lot of benefits.

First, with wider rims or wider tires or both. You don’t need to pressurize the tires to support your weight as you would with narrower tires. Lower pressure makes the ride more comfortable. Because the tires deflect more under lower pressure to absorb bumps and uneven roads. Second, wider tires provide a wider “contact area” than narrow tires. This leads to significantly improved processing.

  1. The material of the rim is full carbon Toray T700 & T800

The new asymmetric carbon wheelset 700C material is lighter T700 & T800 carbon fiber. Thanks to this, offset wheels can provide substantial ride comfort while still being light and fast. Therefore, comfort does not come at the expense of weight.

What are the specifications of our new carbon offset wheels?

First of all, from the perspective of rim width and recommended tire width:

  • The width of the outer rim is 25mm and 30mm.
  • The width of the inner rim is 18mm and 24mm;
  •  The recommended tire width for road bike offset wheels is 700*25-35C. On gravel bicycles, these wheels allow tire widths ranging from 28 mm to 47 mm.

Secondly, there are 4 options for the depth of the offset wheel: 35mm/38mm/45mm/50mm.

38mm-carbon-offset-rim    50mm-carbon-offset-rim

Third, because our offset wheels are made of lighter T700 & T800, the weight of the offset wheels is different from the weight of conventional symmetrical wheels. The weight of the flyweight the 38mm carbon offset rim clincher/tubeless is 390+/-15g. And the flyweight of  50mm carbon offset rim is only 430+/-15g. If you want more wider gravel carbon rims, you can chose our 35mm carbon tubeless rims and 40mm carbon tubeless rims with 30mm outer width.

35mm-carbon-offset-rim           40mm-carbon-offset-rim


In short, the Chinese carbon wheels asymmetric are stronger and stiffer. Which allows you to get a more comfortable ride while keeping weight. The asymmetric profile allows for more uniform spoke tension. This is not only increases strength and rigidity, but also makes the wheels more durable. You can also ask a custom carbon wheels according to your preference.




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