The characteristics of the BMX carbon rims.

The carbon bmx rim material is premium high quality Toray T700 & T800. The material has imported from Japan. And they are super lightweight. It is a sturdy, low profile and aggressive design. Which ensures proper contact surface and maximum stiffness while allowing for you to reduce critical rotating weight.

The type of the BMX carbon rims.

We do have 406 20inch in 30/38/50mm etc. Depth and in 25/30/32mm width. Some of the 406 carbon fiber rim are tubeless compatible. Besides, they are stiff and strong. The 406 carbon rim can provide you with a lasting future for the racing.

451 20inch carbon bmx rims have 25/30/38/50mm depth with 25/30mm width. And they are light, strong and stiff for training and racing. Also provide 24 inch 507 carbon rim etc. It has designed for pressures up to 100psi. Besides, it is available with 28 or 36 holes or customized. The BMX carbon tri-spoke wheel in 406 349 etc. all have available.

Why develop different types of carbon BMX rims?

Our widest 20inch carbon rims have designed for those who want a more tolerant ride. And it can carry larger capacity tires. The mid-depth carbon fiber profile provides enough aerodynamic advantage and stiffness to let you feel movement and fast rolling. Moreover, we have versatile performance while maintaining a reasonable weight. The carbon rims have 3 years warranty but not include normal wear and tear. All the carbon rims have 100% tested and checked before shipping to different places.