Whats carbon mtb rims?

The MTB carbon rims Mountain bikes are bicycles specially designed for cross-country. Besides,they have the characteristics of high rigidity and flexible walking. Therefore,mountain bikes have receive more and more praised. And the cyclists can enjoy comfortable riding fun on various road environments.

Different type and features of full carbon mtb rims!

The mountain bicycle rims have XC,Trail,Enduro,Downhill,Plus type etc.

Carbon Fiber mountain bikes XC rims are lighter, wider. In addition,they have better vertical compliance. Moreover, they are high strength and reliability. The rider who want to build lightweight wheels and bicycle for XC use. Then,the XC type carbon rims are good choice for you. Plus, the XC carbon rims achieves a great balance stiffness and lightweight!

The weapon choice for the aggressive off-road riders is the full fiber trail rims.

However, if riders want to ride wide mountain bike wheelset with better control and fast speed. Enduro mountain carbon rims are good choice. Furthermore, they are strong, high stiffness, durable!

Downhill mountain carbon rims have additional reinforcement, so having heavier weight. The wheelset have thicker walls, which can handle heavier and more aggressive riders. So, this is the best choice for freeride and downhill style riding.

Carbon MTB fiber plus wheels are specially designed for the plus bike. The plus mtb wheelsets are 50mm external width and 25mm Depth. The wider profile allows for more higher volume and lower pressure. Thereby, it can increase bump absorption and incredible traction.

MTB full carbon fiber rims have tubeless ready and hookless design. They are available in 650B 27.5er carbon rims and 29er carbon rims. There are some different widths.